Monday, October 8, 2012

busy time of year

Although not going to many shows, I've been very busy with work, puppies, family and enjoying the important things.

I had some good news from Mary Gail Holcombe (MS) Loteki Up To The Challenge picked up another point at local shows on September 16th.  McGee has fully recovered from his meth incident earlier this year.  He is looking really beautiful.

Cheryl Brown (TN) has been enjoying great success with Jackson running agility!  She is very happy to have GCH CH Loteki The Wind of Change back home after a brief visit to Iowa.  We are going to miss Spencer, but he left me two very special little bundles.  Crossing my fingers they are as pretty and have at least half as much brains!  He is an incredibly smart little guy!

I drove to Freeport, IL to shows on September 30th.  What a beautiful day!  I was lucky to have Loteki The Sun On My Face win WD and BOW for 2 more points.  Grant is really doing well, although he was a bit fresh after having two months off!  I had lunch with three other Papillon exhibitors.  What a lovely day it was!

Kutcher @ 6 months
A lot of my time is being spent going to my sister and bro-in-law's where we have our pony.  Trinity and Sophia are really enjoying learning to ride, as well, as just getting to know Camache.  It is a great experience and one that I am hoping will enrich their lives in the future.  We are enjoying family get togethers as everyone seems to come out to watch and enjoy!

Meg Peifer took this photo of my up and coming youngster, Loteki In The Party Moment.  I did not quite have him stack right, but there was a lot going on with motorhomes starting up and moving around, so he was just a bit distracted.  I hope Kutcher continues to fulfil his promise. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What a great weekend

Lots of news from the weekend -
Barry Palmer (MD) wrote he had an absolute great weekend with his two Papillons, Zephyr and Trooper.  "Zephyr earned his CDX a 194.5 and second place which is the
best score of his career.  In agility he still needs 5 double Q's for his MACH,
but we are making steady progress. 

Trooper (Loteki Blowing In The Wind) just started competing last weekend at Jeannine's and earned his Beginner Novice Title at our club's trial last night.   This is a relatively new AKC class where the dog remains on lead.  It's a great way to get your dog in the ring and get experience while they are still working on their off lead heeling.  Trooper earned a 195.5 and first place.  To say the least, I was very proud.  Jeannine thinks he is the best heeler I have ever had. He is definitely an eye catcher.   Last weekend Chloe took 1st place, Willie took 2nd and Trooper took 3rd in the Beginner Novice class.  It was a Loteki sweep.  We had lots of fun."

Cheryl Brown (TN) writes on Saturday -  "Jackson and I had a fun day. Two blue ribbons in Novice Preferred 4" Jumpers and Standard. My little red guy rocked those courses! 23 seconds under time in Jumpers and then 41 seconds under time in Standard!"

Sunday Cheryl writes -  "Jackson rocked two more Novice courses today running 4". He does really like that."  Four runs four blue ribbons!  Sounds like a great day!!!

Amy Nesselrodt (PA) wrote - "This past weekend, we had a "girls' camping trip" at Chenago Valley State Park (NY) and attended the Susquenago Kennel Club's agility trials. Molly Jo and Pippin (Loteki High Flyer NA NJ AJP OA) may now upgrade the OA to AXP, for they had a lovely Excellent Standard run for a first place ribbon and finished his title! Great job Molly and Pippin! Pippin enjoyed the camping part too as he had lots of "lap time" and also got to sleep with us in our tiny tent!"

Cheryl Brown was also very excited as CH Loteki The Winds Of Change, became GCh Loteki The Winds of Change!  He was BOB on Satuarday with yet another group placement in a tough toy group in Minnesota on Saturday.  Sunday he was BOB again, which completed the Grand title, but I was unable to stay for the group to other commitments.

Loteki Alito Di Vento, a.k.a. was WB and BOW for 4 points on Saturday from the BBE class! 

My 2nd home bred
Miniature Pinscher  -  Sultans Tight Squeeze, a.k.a. Edgar, completed his championship title on Saturday from the BBE, undefeated, except the one time he was beat by his brother. 

Jeannine Rash (PA) was HIT on Saturday at shows in her area with Nicholas.  I don't have all the particulars, but after many months at home.  I'm sure Jeannine & Nicholas are very happy to be back in the ring!

On Tuesday morning, I received this email from Cheryl (TN) - "He (Jackson) woke me up just after 2:00 to tell me something was wrong.  The hot water heater was running non stop. Weird. Then I heard water running. Hot water was gushing from my kitchen cabinets under the sink!  

Luckily, I know how to shut off the main water shut off.  The braided rugs were soaked and there was some standing water and there are hardwoods in the kitchen.  I dragged the rugs outside and started mopping up the floor. Left a message for the plumber and went back to bed.

Plumber called at 6:15 and was here by 7:30.  The hot water supply hose blew apart. The main pressure valve had gone bad and the pressure was way too high.  Thank you Jackson!  If he hadn't alerted?!"  I think Jackson as earned his PAD title!!!  (PAD - Plumbing Alert Dog)

A great weekend with a lot of wonderful wins in many different parts of the country with wonderful people and fabulous dogs.  Congratulations!  Keep those emails and calls coming!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

MACH Jackson! and new titles!

Just received an excited post from Cheryl Brown, Jackson earned his MACH this morning.
More info later today, I hope!  I hope we will have a you-tube link also!
Great photo of Cheryl, Jackson, his pole and their rosette! 

Here is the link on you-tube of their run.

Congratulations!  I'm very proud of Team Jackson!

More great news from other parts of the country, Linda Miles (MD) wrote that Zac earned his CD today.  Zac is Loteki The Wind At My Back RN, BN and now CDWay to go Linda and Zac! 

Jeannine Rash (PA) was HIT with her OTCh CH Loteki Ima Firecracker UDX on Sunday!  Congratulations to Jeannine and Nicholas!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Great weekend

What a great three day weekend!

Friday started out wonderfully with Lita (Loteki Alito Di Vento) winning the bitch points at her first show.  CH Loteki The Winds Of Change was BOB and on to a Group II!!!! 

Saturday was an early morning, but the results were good with Spencer winning BOB again!  Nothing in the group, but we had a good time and it RAINED!!!  We need it and more, but we were thrilled to receive 1.5 inches. 

Sunday was another early morning, but much, much cooler than it has been in weeks!!  The dogs were all frisky and full of themselves.  We had a great time and a bit of a surprise with Reid, Loteki Written On The Wind, winning the dog points, and then on to BOS over 4 champion males, for a major.  I almost forget to mention, Terry handled Reid in the BOB ring.  He did a great job, in his Birkenstocks, jeans and hat.  Cannot wait to get the photos from the photographer!

This was the first weekend either Lita or Reid had been entered at a dog show.  They both did great, getting better and better each day! 

Cheryl Brown (TN) was thrilled to report that Jackson picked up some more MACH points this weekend!  Way to go Team Jackson!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Great Summer Weekend in Wisconsin

Finally a brief break in the oppressive summer heat and humidity!  Who would have thought that 90 plus would be considered cool!

I left Thursday afternoon in the upper 90s to drive to Waukesha.  I was to judge the Chihuahua sweepstakes on Friday.  I had a nice entry of 7 smooths and 13 long coats. 

Friday morning dawned sunny, but there had been rain on Thursday so the grounds were very wet.  The grass was also quite long.

My Best In Sweeps was a Smooth Coat puppy from the 6-9 class - Dartan The Spark Continues.  I would have taken this little guy home!  What a showman.  He was beautifully presented by Darwin Delaney.

Best of Opposite Sex to Best In Sweeps was a lovely Long Coat bitch from the 9-12 class, Hurd N TLC's Affair To Remember, shown by Laurie Thompson.

It was a lovely group of Chihuahua puppies and the decisions were tough!  It was fun!!!

I spent the day talking to friends, watching different breeds and getting my feet muddy!  UGH!!!

Wind blown Pia finishing her AKC Championship
Saturday, Papillons were not on until afternoon.  I spent a leisurely morning, grooming, and taking my time.  By the time we were in the ring, the lovely cooler temps and low humidity had really heated up and it was darn right hot again!!!  Loteki The Sun On My Face was first in and won the BBE class.  He is such a easy dog, moves since and shows like a million bucks.  He won WD!  YEA!  Next in was Pia, who also won the BBE class of bitches.  She went on to WB to complete her title!  With Pia's Championship, her dam, CH Loteki The Wind In My Hair, a.k.a. Lana, qualifies for her dam of merit award!   Pia completed her title completely from the BBE class!  Grant, who is also out of Lana, was BOW.  

I also showed CH Loteki The Winds Of Change, yet another Lana kid, managed to win the Select points.  

What a great day!!!

Sunday was an early morning, with an 8:30 a.m. ring time.  The morning was lovely and there was a major in bitches.  Pia had finished the day before so I left her in her crate, electing to concentrate on Grant and Spencer.

Grant winning his 2nd major at just 10 months
Grant was the only BBE dog, and went on to WD.  I was able to find someone to take him back in for Breed, where he was BOW for 3 points!!!  His second major at 10 months, all points from the BBE class!!  Spencer was Select, so it was a grand day!   We were in the van on the way home by 11!  It was great to get home early-ish!

Sunday night we had a lovely grilled salmon supper at Clay, Stephanie's with Clay's father, Dion Melton.  It was wonderful!!!  Thank you for inviting us.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Snoopy earns his first obedience title

Judith Klotz (MO) was excited to report that Loteki Erediti Ilvento, a.k.a. "Snoopy", received his BN title this past weekend at Purina Farms. 

Judith writes, "I thought it was quite appropriate that Snoopy received his Beginner Novice title at the Cocker Spaniel National Specialty, since historically (as you well know), before the 19th century, the Papillon (a.k.a. the "Toy Spaniel") was named; the "Continental Spaniel", the "Squirrel Spaniel" (curly tail), the "Titian Spaniel" (red and white, drooping ears like today's Phalenes).... ha-ha! I had a fun telling this to some of the competitors... most had no idea my Papillon was of Spaniel descent!"

Congratulations, Judith and Snoopy!  I am very proud of you both!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Champion - GINA

Jeannine Rash (PA) had a great weekend after several months off with her OTCh CH Loteki Ima Firecracker UDX2.  Nicolas was HIT from Open B on Saturday with a 198.5.  Sunday, he was 2nd in Utility, and earned his first UDX3 leg.

I drove to Marshall, MI, for three days of shows.  I left Thursday afternoon, with hopes that the majors in bitches would hold.  When arriving at the show site, I found out the one of the bitches had finished and had been moved up.  Loteki Touch A Rose needed 5 points including a major, so I figured I would see how the shows went.  I had decided on the way up that I would most likely pack up and drive home on Saturday.  Friday, Gina was WB for 2 points, the illusive 2nd major had slipped away.

Saturday, Gina was again WB, but also BOS/BOW and best BBE beating another bitch champion, qualifying now as a major!  YEA!  Gina is now CH Loteki Touch A Rose!  She was thrilled with her extra piece of chicken and snuggling on the couch, once we got home.

The trip home was hot and tiring, I was very happy.  Terry was very happy to have me home a day earlier than initially thought.  I spent the day taking photos of puppies, playing with Sophia and relaxing.  It's great to be home!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend news

Home from my first dog show weekend in a month, it was a good one!  Friday I left with two dogs to go to DeKalb, IL for two all-breed shows and two specialties.  It was over 100 and the third day in a row for that type of heat.

Saturday at the all-breed, Pia (Loteki Una Piccola Brezza) won the BBE bitch class, going on to winning Winner's Bitch and BOW for FOUR points!

Later Saturday at the Greater Chicagoland Specialty, Loteki The Sun On My Face, a.k.a. Grant, won the BBE class of 7 and then went on to WD for FIVE points!  He also was BOW and Best BBE!  Grant is just 10 months old.  A huge storm rolled in while we were in the ring and I failed to notice! 

Pia and Grant are half-siblings, as both of them are out of CH Loteki The Wind In My Hair, Lana has produced some very lovely children with CH Loteki The Winds Of Change, littermate, CH Loteki It's A Good Hair Day and GCH Loteki In The Heat Of The Moment already in the ring and a few others waiting in the wings. 

Sunday the weather was much cooler and less humid - what a beautiful day!  At the 2nd all-breed, Pia was once again winner of the Bred-By Exhibitor class.  She went on to be Winners Bitch for her 2nd four point major of the weekend and her third major!  Just a couple points to go! 

It was a great weekend spend with wonderful friends.  Patti Perkins is the ultimate hostess! 

Cheryl Brown was excited to report that Jackson is continuing to work successfully towards his MACH with 16 points, a 1st in Standard on Saturday.  He also earned 10 points and a 2nd in Jumpers!  Sunday he won 17 points and another 1st in Standard!  A great weekend for Cheryl and Jackson - CONGRATULATIONS!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New titles, MACH points and

Rusty with all his ribbons
Judith Klotz (MO) and Rusty (Loteki Im Buddy Crocker) completed his Beginners Novice title this past Friday with yet another first place at the North St. Louis Obedience Club.  I am very proud of Judith, as this is the first dog she exhibited! 

A very tired Snoopy with his loot from the dog shows
On Saturday and Sunday, Judith took her young boy, Snoopy (Loteki Erediti Ilvento) to his first dog show, where he earned 1st place both days and two legs towards his Beginner's Novice title!  Way to go, Judith and boys!  It is great to see new people get into the sport!  I am very proud of Judith and her boys.

Cheryl Brown (TN) had another successful weekend at the agility trials.  Jackson earned 30 plus MACH points!  Great job!  Cheryl is working deligently with Jackson, and the other boys!

Cheryl's friends had a party for Felix for earning his PAX on Sunday.  There was a beautiful cake that had Felix on it.  Felix thought the cake was yummy!

I had a busy week with company from Proctor, MN and Toyko, Japan.  Kelli Alseth drove down for a visit on Sunday.  It was wonderful to have Kelli here and just hang out.  On Monday, Taeko Suga arrived.  It is her second visit to Iowa, this time in the heat of summer.  We were able to sit and visit in the mornings and evenings.  On Tuesday we made a trip to the Amanas.  When Taeko was here several years ago we went to see the Field Of Dreams, which is located just 60 minutes north of me.  We had a wonderful time although all too short. 

Taeko and Hillary at the airport
Taeko returned to Japan with GCh Loteki Down The Garden Path.  It was hard letting Hillary go, but I know what a wonderful home she will have with Taeko and her family. 

Isn't this a photo that melts your heart?

On Friday, I had to make one of those very tough decisions to help an old friend, CH Loteki The Colors In The Wind passed on.  He had been a fisty boy for most of his life.  In the past week he wagged less and did not let us know what was on his mind so much.  Meeko was used very little, but did produce the fabulous three tri girl litter out of CH Loteki By Good Fortune. 

This past weekend we were busy with Sophia visiting.  She stayed overnight both Friday and Saturday night.  She really enjoys the dogs and being out doors.  We took her to the dog show in Iowa City for a short time.  She was full of questions and seemed to enjoy the adventure.  She found this straw hat of mine and wore it everywhere!

We are preparing for really hot humid weather starting today!  I'm thankful I am not off to dog shows, but can enjoy the air conditioning. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Obedience and Agility news

Jane Terry (MD) wrote that she and Loteki Good To Go CD earned second place on his first Open A leg this past Saturday.  He earned first on his second leg with a score of 193 on Sunday! 
Molly & Pippin

Alexander was the first dog in the ring.  Barry Palmer was watching and thought his score should have been higher, as did I. Alexander was great! He was a maniac! Everyone stopped to watch him! He is a terrific little showman and very stylish!

Amy Nesselrodt, DVM wrote that daughter, Molly and Pippin earned their coveted Excellent Jupers Preferred title on Sunday, June 10th, at the Williamsport Dog Training Club Agility Trial!!  With a FIRST PLACE!!!!Pippin is now Loteki High Flyer NA NJ OAP XAP!

They had a lovely run and a super fast time in spite of the heat. They placed first in their class also! Ice-cream for all when we were done!

Congratulations to this young handler! Way to go!!!  

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Felix has a great weekend! Sophia does too!

Cheryl Brown (TN) had a great weekend in Louisville.  She writes, "I've almost recovered now from my trip to Louisville and need to sit down and write about Felix. If ever a dog deserved a brag, it's this one.

You know his story so I don't need to talk about that. You understand all that he has had to overcome and how much heart this little boy must have to be able to have done all of this. It brings tears to my eyes. He just tries so hard every time you ask you to do something.

Anyway, I had a feeling that Friday might be his day. There was something different about him. I got him out to be with me ring side and was feeding him treats. We must have done this hundreds of times before. This time, he was rearing up on his hind legs to get the treats. I have never seen him do that. Jackson does it. Spencer will do it. Fee doesn't. He politely waits for his treats or he will put his front paws on my legs maybe if he is really wanting a treat. This seemed different.

He likes the kind of surface they have at the Derby City site. It's nice padded astroturf and it must be easier to run on for him. The courses looked promising. There were pinwheels but they were loose ones and the courses were such that I could get to the outside and run. Fee likes me to run as hard as I can run and he then strides to stay up with me. Running in place or running slowly on the inside has never worked with him. These courses looked good. And, they were!

Felix, the two judges and Cheryl - all very happy!
In Standard, Fee ran the course 5 seconds under Preferred course time (which means he ran it in Regular course time). For Fee, that is fast! In Jumpers, his weaves were slower but accurate (as always) and he crossed the finish line jump 1 second under his Preferred course time. PAX!!!!!!!!!!

I picked him up and kissed him. Yes, there were tears and not only mine. Friends were tearing up too. They knew his story and had watched us together for years. They understood what this meant, what he means to me, and how much I love him and wanted this last title for my wonderful wonderful Fee.

It will be so strange not be run him anymore. But, I wanted him to finish like this, stretching out and running, beautiful ear fringe flying behind him, and a smile on his face. Thank you, Fee.

Felix will continue to train with me weekly at class and I'll run him in Teacup Agility. He's well on his way to his TACh5 there.

So, Felix is now Loteki Total Windfall BN RAE PAX MXP3 MJP5 and in TDAA TACh4. I think that's the right order, obedience, rally, agility."

Here is Felix YouTube video link -

Fee has been a story of heart.  I tear up thinking of what he has been through and how he quietly and faithfully comes through.  Congratulations to Cheryl and many hugs, kisses and treats for Felix!

Terry and I had a busy weekend at home.  Friday was Terry's nephew, Austin's graduation party.  What a fabulous party, great food and decorations! 

Sophia on stage at her dance recital
Then off to Sophia's dance recital, which was really fun.  The parking was crazy but the costumes and the music was great and of course, the performances were wonderful.  So many talented kids! 

Saturday we went again and really enjoyed the show again!

We had our furnace blow up on the Sunday before Memorial Day, so a new furnace was installed this week. 

Our orange and white tabby was missing for several days, turned up Tuesday with some very obvious injuries, the main one is a broken jaw, so we are nursing him.  Poor Al, such a sweet cat and he looks so rough, but he is loving and sweet, so how could we not try.  Keeping my fingers crossed. 

To top it all off I have been dealing with an infection on my jaw - really odd, terrible to look at, very uncomfortable and it is going away all too slow, considering how quickly it developed. 

All in all life is good, little bumps.  Saturday is the last ACT for the testing year and then, I will have 8 weeks off.  Lots to accomplish!  I'm looking forward to it on many levels and not so much on one or two others!  Puppies to watch grow and train, a garden to keep, as well as all my flowers!  I'll be busy for certain!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The first time in the ring! TA DAH!

Judith Klotz (MO) wrote me that she took the dive - she has been training Rusty for a couple of years.  The first time with competition in the back of her mind, as she always trained her dogs, well, she did it!!!  She entered and went to her first two trials this past weekend.

Rusty and his rosettes - quite the haul!!
At the Greater St. Louis Training Club, Inc., she and "Rusty", a.k.a. Loteki Im Buddy Crocker, entered the Beginner Novice A class under judge, Paula Barras.  They earned a 193 and FIRST PLACE!!!  YEA!!!

On Sunday, Rusty and Judith earned a 192 and second place in Beginners Novice A, under Judi James. 

So in their first two tries, they earned two legs.  I am very proud of Judith and Rusty!  I also am thrilled to have new fanciers in the sport!  Way to go Team Rusty!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

NICHOLAS earns a 200!!!!

Jeannine Rash (PA) was very excited to report that Nicholas earned a 200 in Open B!  This was the first show out after several months of 'retirement' due to Jeannine not being well.

Nicholas is OTCh CH Loteki Ima Firecracker UDX.  The win was at the Lancaster Kennel Club this past weekend, under judge Ken Nagler. 

Jeanine writes, "The dog who won Crufts Obedience was a point behind him. One of my students got a 199.5 right behind us.That boy is very very special.   He's the best. I was given a dozen red roses--its the red rose city."

What a thrill.  What a fantastic little dog.  He was Top Achievement Papillon for the year 2011!  Congratulations, Jeannine and Nicholas!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Catching Up

It's been a busy past month here, but Loteki Papillons have been out and about.

Cheryl Brown (TN) has been attending agility trials, but AKC and Teacup!  She and the boys have been doing quite well.  On May 5th, Cheryl wrote that Jackson had a very good weekend earning 36 more points towards his MACH.

This past weekend with two days of TDAA agility Jackson got 4 Standard Q's and 4 Games Q's (8 out of 10 Q's) and earned his TMAG10.    Felix got 3 Standard Q's and 3 Games Q's and earned his TAM9.    He needs 10 Standards and 17 Games (!) for his TACh5 and retirement. You should have seen Felix do the three distance challenges on the Call Direct Send course today. He's such a character. He did the Call (lead out past one jump and to the end of the teeter), he did the direct (tunnel, tunnel, jump, dog walk), and he did the send (about 10 feet to a tunnel). Jackson only managed the first challenge, the Call, and couldn't do the rest. Fee! Unlike Jackson who worries about where I am and what I'm doing, Felix just locks on and goes towards whatever he has decided to do (sometimes it's a wrong course).

Molly & Pippin
Amy Nesselrodt (PA) write of her Mother's Day weekend where daughter, Molly, and Papillon, Pippin attended the Mount Nittany DTC Agility trial.  It was their first show since last fall.  Molly and Pippin (Loteki High Flyer, NA NAJ OAP OJP) had a first place ribbon and their second Q in only the third try at the Excellent Level.  WAY TO GO!  This is a young team and I am so proud, as I know Amy is, of all they have accomplished together.

I've ventured out to some shows in the past month. Terry and I drove to Waterloo, IA, both Saturday and Sunday, picking up a point each day on Gina (a.k.a. Loteki Touch A Rose).

The next weekend I drove to Bloomington, IL to meet Janet Wallace and Meg Peifer at Meg's home. We drove down to Decatur, where I picked up a point on both Gina and Gibbs. Entries have been small at shows. I don't know if I can attribute it to high entry fees, poor judging panels or high gas prices or the combination of all three.
GCh Hillary

Terry and I headed to Leavenworth, KS, this past Friday to visit Dan & Marlene Edgerton. Saturdy morning we got up early and drove the hour to Topeka to show dogs. I showed Long Coated Chihuahuas first, with Gordita winning the Select Bitch award. Papillons followed about an hour later. I was thrilled to win BOB with CH Loteki Down The Garden Path over 4 other specials. This win completed her Grand Championship. I was thrilled. After the group, we headed back to Dan & Marlene's and enjoyed a low key evening at their home. The weather was perfect, the company wonderful and the dogs enjoyed playing in the yard, while we sat outside and chatted.
Sunday morning, Terry and I headed home, skipping the Sunday show. When we arrive home, Danielle and kids were here. Stephanie, Clay and Sophia arrived about an hour later, with a Japanese Maple. I was thrilled as I have wanted one for several years. Clay & Terry planted it before they headed home. Danielle bought pizza for supper and then they headed home. It was a lovely weekend!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Weekend and more

Busy week, so am just sitting down to mention the lovely weekend I had.  I went to shows in DeKalb, IL, luckily Papillons were late on Saturday, so I was able to get up Saturday morning, bath the dogs, pack and drive over for a 1:30 show time.

The entry was not large, but Gina, (Loteki Touch Rose) was WB both days for a point each day.  Sunday she was BOW, which is always nice.  BOS was littermate sister, Hillary.  We spent a lovely afternoon having a late lunch with friends at a landmark in DeKalb, the Hillside Cafe.  The food is always good and the atmosphere warm and friendly.

After lunch we made our way to Patti Perkins' home, where we chatted and the dogs played in her beautiful yard.  Late afternoon, Patti and Meg Peifer who are both interested in genealogy, wanted to make the drive to Sycamore to visit a cemetery.  Off we went, we had such a nice time visiting the short drive there and the short drive home.  Patti fixed a lovely light supper and we relaxed while the dogs enjoyed running and playing.

Sunday Papillons were late again, so it was a leisurely morning, with Patti being the perfect hostess!  It is always a pleasure to visit Patti!

I headed home shortly after 2 and arrived home before 5, quickly unloaded the van, pottyed dogs, started a load of laundry and off to meet Stephanie, Clay, Sophia and Trinity for dinner.  We had a nice dinner together and then dropped Trinity off at home before heading home.

Cheryl Brown (TN) had a great weekend at the AKC Agility trials QQ 18 and 19 for Felix and 37 more MACH points for Jackson! 

Cheryl is at her local teacup agility trial this weekend with the boys.  On Saturday, Fee went 5 for 5 . He is so steady.   So, Fee has 3 more Standard Q's and 2 more Games Q's after today to earn his TACh5. 

Jackson ran in the 3 Standards and only in 1 game on Saturday.  He Q'ed in the game and in 2 of the 3 Standards. 

Sophia petting Jo
Here in Iowa on Saturday, after I got off of work,  Stephanie, Clay, Sophia, Terry and I went out to my sister, Sue and husband, Curt's place to meet their horses.  Sophia had never been and had the best time.  She was a bit overwhelmed by the size of these guys, but she did sit up on Jo with her mom and walked around a bit.  She was fascinated by their size, their hooves, the noises they made and she LOVED feeding them long blades of grass.  She also made a joke about the horse's tail and her own hair which was in a pony tail. 

She had the best time, as only kids that have grown up in country have.  Horses were the main attraction, but they also have some nice young cats that are just the right size to be picked up.  Their border collie, Lucky, loves kids and wants them to play with him.  He is a bit exuberant and did knock Sophia down in his efforts to get her to play with him.  She talked about him on the way home and said, "Lucky is a bully, he knocked me down."  We all had a laugh and tried to explain he wasn't bullying her, but just too happy to contain himself! 

This is really fun!!!
On the way home, Sophia did ask for a pony several times.  Mom kept telling her that the city did not allow ponies in town, but how can you resist this big smile?

Over night we had some pretty noisy thunderstorms with incredible light shows.  We got some much needed rain.  Spring has come early for the most part, except for the freezing temps last week over night.  Everything is bursting with blooms and bright spring green colors.

Puppies are all doing well.  Interesting to note the differences in the two litters that are just two days different in ages.  Brooke's puppies opened their eyes on day 9-10.  Asia's puppies opened theirs on day 13-14.  Brooke's are eating out of a bowl like little piglets.  Asia's are happy to wait for mom and not interested.  Brooke's are scampering about checking everything out.  Asia's are watching the others!  Puppy breath is wonderful on all puppies!  <GGG>

More rain today, so need to get started on some of my inside chores.  I had hoped we'd be able to till up the garden and go plant shopping.  Have a great week!

Monday, April 2, 2012

National #30 in a row

Pia in the bag she won for going Best BBE
Another National is over.  This year it was in Seattle.  It is quite the trip, but Gibbs, Pia and I made it in fine style. 

We left Cedar Rapids on Tuesday and arrived in Seattle without incident.  Luckily, JoAnne Paulino arrived a short time later and we took the shuttle to the hotel together.

We met Meg Peifer and then off to the store for refreshments and supplies.

Sweeps was on Wednesday.  We watched all the puppies and Veterans compete and then had a great get together in our room to talk Papillons.  It was wonderful!

Thursday was dogs.  Our judge was former breeder, Kenneth di Lorenzo.  I was very proud to have Gibbs (Loteki For The Good Of The Team) win the 9-12 puppy dog class.  He is his silly self, although he shows beautifully. 

Friday was bitches and Pia (Loteki Una Piccola Brezza ) won the BBE class I was so happy.  She is such a serious little gal in the ring!

Saturday was BOB and all the non-regular classes.  BOB went to a bitch this year.  Non-regular classes such as best puppy, best veteran, etc. were judged afterward.    Pia and I were lucky to win Best BBE.

Saturday night a banquet was held, which was well attended.  Packing and up early for the flight home, it was a short week full of beautiful Papillons, a nice venue, great friends, and a lot of laughs.  I am looking forward to next year in Louisville, KY.

It is so good to be home!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Busy Weekend

Spring has come early to the Midwest.  Terry finished the other two runs with patio blocks on Saturday morning - boy do they look nice and so easy to keep clean.

I ventured to the dog show in Dubuque Saturday morning.  Gibbs was WD/BOW for point #2.  Gina pulled a toenail, so I was not able to show her.  Hillary was BOS, so very close to her Grand Championship.

I had a phone call from Mary Gail Holcombe with some very scary news of an experience in her motel room in Little Rock, AR, this past weekend.  McGee ingested meth in the room and spent Friday night through Sunday at an emergency vet with IV fluids, flushing his system.  Mary Gail reported Monday night he was doing so much better, but still was not McGee yet.

Cheryl Brown reminded me that Spencer won his 2nd major towards his Grand Championship two weeks ago.  Cheryl is having fun with Spencer making the transitions between conformation, obedience and agility.  Spencer is a lot of fun!

Better finish packing - I hope I have wonderful news to report from the National, but realistically, I hope to have fun! 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Agility News from Tennessee

Cheryl Brown had a good weekend last weekend. She reported that Felix ran all four of his runs cleanly. He was overtime in both Jumpers runs.   He did get his 9th and 10th Standard Q and finished his MXP3
Jackson only Q'ed once on Saturday in Jumpers. This is really weird. Since I brought him back into AKC last June, he has been a little Q'ing machine. The good thing is that he absolutely nailed every set of weaves including two off-side sets of weaves with really hard entries. 

Cheryl also was very excited that Spencer earned his CGC a couple weeks before. 

Congratulations to Cheryl and the boys.

The weather in the Midwest has been unseasonably warm and sunny.  It has inspired us to start some landscaping projects early.  We managed to get patio blocks laid last weekend, completing 1/3 the project, so we finish it and move on to the other two similar projects before the weather gets too warm.

Local shows this weekend and getting packed to leave for the National on Tuesday.  Lots to do, hope we can bring home a point or two and still have time to do all the things that need doing.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Conformation and Obedience wins

Saturday, Cheryl Brown (TN) is happy to report Felix has an obedience title!  He is now Loteki Total Windfall BN RAE MXP2 MJP5

We are both very proud of him! 

At the shows in Des Moines, Trinity and I left Saturday morning for a late show time.  I am happy to report that Gibbs, a.k.a. Loteki For The Good Of The Team was WD and BOW for his first points.

Sunday arrived early with 8:00 a.m. show time, today Pia was WB for another point.  Hillary won the Select for two more points towards her Grand Championship!  Trinity and I were on our way home by 9:30, leaving time to stop at the outlet mall for a little shopping before we arrived home.  It was a beautiful sunny day, and Trinity helped by bathing, and drying five dogs!  What a great help!

Chery reported that Jackson earned his BN on Sunday.  What a great weekend for everyone!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Snow, snow, blowing snow

Winters in the Midwest make entering dog shows a risky endeavor.  This past weekend was one of those weekends.  I had entered shows in St. Joseph, MO, most of the week the weathermen were forecasting a major winter storm moving in.  It hit late Friday and Saturday for most of the day.  The southwestern part of the state was hit hardest, but it fan all the way to mid-state, including Des Moines, which was the mid-point on our drive to St. Joe.

Out comes Mapquest and alternate routes....Saturday morning, Terry packed the van, while I bath the dogs for the show and off we went, south almost to Hannibal, MO and then west to St. Joe.  We had ran, but temps were all above freezing, so we made the trip without incident or any white knuckle driving!  Thankfully Papillons were late in the afternoon.

Saturday the show site was crowded with spectators.  We met friends, Dan & Marlene Edgerton, as well as Eleanor's breeder, Ann Street.  It was not a stellar day at the show, but Hillary, CH Loteki Down The Garden Path, made her debut after about 8 months of maturing at home to win the Select bitch points - a major, her 2nd towards her Grand Championship.  YEAH!

We made the trip down to Dan & Marlene's a quick potty of the dogs, I changed my clothes and off to dinner.  We had a great time at a nice Mexican restaurant in Leavenworth.  We had so much fun visiting!  The food was great and the company fantastic!!!  Ann headed home, while we returned to the Edgertons for a quiet evening of TV and puppy antics.  It started to snow about 10, with the last potty trip. 

Loteki Una Piccalo Brezza
Sunday morning, Paps were early.  Terry got up grabbed a quick bite, after loading the van and heading north.  The landscape was stunning as everything was laced in a sparkling, fluffy covering of new snow.  The sun was shining and the roads were clear.  Sunday morning the aisles were less congested and the Paps were able to stretch their legs a bit.  Pia brought home a major by going Winners Bitch!  YEA!  Hillary was a real show girl and was award BOS for her 3rd major!!   YIPPEE!  We took photos, pottied dogs, I made a quick change of clothes and off we went towards home.  This time we took the more direct route through Des Moines.  The sun was shining until just north of the Iowa Missouri border.  We started counting cars in the ditch.  Des Moines did have quite a bit of snow on the ground, but by the time we had traveled to 45 minutes east there was no more snow. 

We picked up Adam and Trinity on the way home.  Everyone helped unload the van.  The dogs had a lovely romp and then the four of us went out for Chinese!  A lovely end of a nice weekend!

Cheryl Brown (TN) had good news with more double Qs!!  Jackson now have the required 20 QQs towards his MACH, but needs a few more points.  Felix earned one double Q over the weekend, his 16th towards his PAX!  Congrats!  A great weekend on all fronts, wins, good friends and family - can't get any better than that! 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Obedience and Agility news

Jeannine Rash (PA) had a great weekend at the obedience trials near by.  Her OTCh CH Loteki Ima Firecracker UDX was HIT and HIgh Combined winning both Open B and Ut B on Saturday.

The next day Jeffrey (OTCh CH Loteki Surprise Party UDX) got his first Rally Excellent leg, with brother, Benji, (Loteki A Party Favor CDX) earning his first Rally Advanced leg with a 97!

Sunday, Jeannine did not make it in with Nicholas, but Chloe (Loteki Ima Cupcake) and Up And Down's Higher And Higher did Beginner Novice. Willie was doing great with Cecelia (Jeannine's sister) until the recall--he ran away to find Jeannine.  Miss Cupcake was great and earned a 199.5.  She tied with a little pug and won the run off.

Cheryl Brown (TN) had a great weekend at a locak AKC agility trial.  Both Felix and Jackson earned double Q's!  Saturday, the dogs ran low to high so he was on the start line at 8:02 (second dog of the day) in Standard. He ran 9 seconds under his Preferred time which is really really fast for him! Slower in Jumpers but we eeked it out for a QQ! Yesterday, we ran high to low so he didn't do his first run until 2:00 and his second 4:00-4:30. We still Q'ed in both classes for a double Q.  Yay FEE! He now has 15 QQ's towards his PAX. 5 more to go!

Jackson did great too!  I'm thinking he will get his MACH.  He now has 18 QQ's.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Great Weekend

Winter has come to the Midwest at last....three storms in about 6 days!  YIKES!  Thankfully the Friday blizzard conditions were over and the roads were clear so off to the dog show in Des Moines, Trinity and I went.

Papillons were very late on Saturday, so we left mid-morning and took a leisurely drive to the Central Iowa dog shows.
I was lucky to have Promise, Chanceux On My Word, go Winners Bitch and Best Of Winners to complete her championship on Saturday.  Ms. Pia, Loteki Una Piccola Brezza, at her very first show was reserve! 

Trinity and I checked into our motel, then went to dinner with a group of Papillon fanciers.  We had a great time with a white elephant gift exchange!  What fun!

Sophia & her snowman
Sunday dawned misty and gray with temperatures hovering near the freezing point.  Papillons were late morning with only one absentee due to weather concerns.  Pia was Winners Bitch on Sunday for her first points.  Promise was Best of Opposite Sex for her first Grand Champion points.
Trinity and I arrived home mid-afternoon, unloaded the van and off to do a little grocery shopping.  We stopped at Stephanie and Clay's, where we found Clay and Sophia completing a snow man in the back yard.  The snow was perfect for snowballs, so we enjoyed a short snowball fight!  With mild temps and perfect snow, Clay, Sophia, Trinity and I all worked on creating a snow fort!  What fun!

It was a great weekend! 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year

I've been a bit remiss about blogging news.  The holidays keep one busy, but then there was the matter of doing fall/spring cleaning over Christmas!  On December 16th, I did something real stupid and opened an attachment on an email that appeared to be from American Airlines - BAD, so 10 days later and a nice chunk of change later, I got my computer back after Christmas.  Live and learn!  The weather has been unseasonably warm so far this winter with temperatures in the mid 40s to 60 on January 5th - a record breaker!

The weekend before Christmas Mary Gail Holcombe (MS) was thrilled to have her new puppy, Loteki Rose To The Challenge, a.k.a. McGee, win WD/BOW three of the four days at her local shows.  McGee was 7 months old and is Mary Gail's first dog to show in conformation.  I was very thrilled with McGee's success in the ring, too!

Cheryl Brown (TN) spent New Year's at agility trials in Harriman, TN, with some good results.  Cheryl was thrilled with a double QQ for Jackson on Saturday. 

Chery and the boys went back to Harriman this past weekend for the Oak Ridge Kennel Club's AKC agility trial. Nice judges, good courses,  and Jackson was perfect! 4 for 4 for him. He now has 16 Double-Q's, 4 more to go for his MACH!

Felix ran every course cleanly without mistakes. He only Q'ed yesterday in Jumpers. On the other three courses, he was 1-3 seconds over time on each run.

I drove to St. Paul, MN for the Land O'Lake KC shows and was thrilled to bring home a major, her second, on Promise, Chanceux On My Word.  McGee's brother, Gibbs, made his debut on Saturday, and created quite a stir ringside, as he hopped, skipped, jumped and twirled around the ring, he seemed to have forgotten how to walk on a lead.  He was much better on Sunday and was reserve.  It was great to see old friends that I had not seen for a while.

Mary Waller reported that her Gunny (Loteki Blew Into Town UD) picked up his 8th UDX leg on Saturday at the LOL shows.  She is having a lot of fun with her new youngster, amazed by his intelligence but also by his athletic abilities.

We celebrated Terry's birthday with dinner out on Sunday night with my sister and her husband, Stephanie, Clay, Sophia, Trinity and Adam.  Poor Danielle was working!


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