Monday, November 25, 2013

Life has been wild here!

I started a new magazine, Papillon Revue, with the first issue mailed out the last week of July.  It is going great!  It is growing every month!

I went back to work the first Monday in August, attended dog shows almost every weekend for the next 8 weeks, had a couple litters of puppies, and changed jobs!

Everything is good.  Healthy beautiful puppies!  A great change in jobs with the same company.  Nice wins at the shows!  Great friends and family.  And did I mention puppies!  They are wonderful keep me busy, but I love it!

The third issue of Papillon Revue is at the printer right now. 

Keeping up with everything is a challenge, but I am enjoying the challenges!  I am looking foward to the holidays and some time off of work, time with family and maybe a morning or two to sleep until 7!

I will try not to stay away so long.