Friday, April 11, 2014

In like a Lion, out like a lamb...April has no fooling around start!

It's been a busy year so far, lots and lots of cold and snow, but thankfully I think it is behind us.

The first weekend of March, I drove to Purina Farms to meet up with some friends and attend dog shows.  Weather was lovely going down, but not so much coming home.  The last 90 minutes took about 2.5 hours and the snow was blinding.  It was so good to get home!  The Sunday dog show had been cancelled due to the weather prediction of lots of ice and snow coming in, so I feel lucky to have made it home in one piece

I left Gibbs, Loteki Good For The Team, with Ellen Perry.  Their first show out he was WD for 2 points, then a major three shows later.  He picked up yet his 2nd major and then BOB over 5 specials for yet another major, at 14 points in just three long weekends!

The end of March I drove to Claremore, OK to the Tulsa Papillon Club's two specialties and two all breed shows.  Drove through some spring weather, wind and hail, and of course, in a construction zone, so could not pull off, but the dogs and I made it to Claremore, enjoyed some lovely weather.  My 7 and 8 month old puppies travelled well, showed their little hearts out, and made me very proud.   The Tulsa club put on a lovely show.  There luncheon spread was quite impressive!  The show site was spacious and well lighted, although the grooming area is on dirt, it was well packed.

We brought home a 4 point major on the prince & princess under Mr. Edd Bivin.  Dyson, a.k.a. Loteki It's Superstition, was in the Bred-By Exhibitor class and sister, Electra, a.k.a. Loteki Being Good, in the 6-9 class.  Electra was definitely the smallest Papillon in competition.  Dyson was one of the smallest males.  So proud of my kids.

On the long drive home, Helen Schultz (WI) send a message that Scout, a.k.a. Loteki Take The Nature Trail had finished his championship by going BOB over two specials.  I called Helen and talked a bit - it was wonderful to have this news on the long drive.

The following Friday, April 4th, I received a message from Ellen that Gibbs had won his final point!  Gibbs is the 6th champion for his dam.

On Saturday, Gibb's daughter, Mari, was WB for 2 point to complete her title, now Loteki Fair Winds.  She is her dam, CH Loteki The Wind In My Hair's 8th champion and the 1st for her sire.  Loteki Natural Talent was WD/BOW for 3 points from the puppy class at just 7 months.  Harrison is also sired by Gibbs, so it was a great weekend for Gibbs and his kids.

The Saturday show in DeKalb found Scout winning his first major towards his Grand championship by winning Select Dog.  Mari was BOS for a major towards her grand, so it was a great weekend with wins, fabulous weather and good company, as I stayed at my friend, Patti Perkins, who is always an incredible hostess!  The drive home went well and we started the week back at work!  

The 5th issue of Papillon Revue was mailed on April 1st!  It has been an incredible adventure and I enjoy the time I spent getting the articles and trying to put together something people want to read.  I cannot believe how quickly this past year has flown!  Working hard on issue #6, which will be available at the National!

Glad to have a weekend at home, lots to catch up on, and with the nice weather, there is a lot to be done outside!