Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nicholas WINS the Toy Group at the Invitational!

OTCH CH Loteki Ima Firecracker RN, UDX won the toy group at AKC Obedience Invitational.  He made the finals.
Jeannine is so thrilled with the weekend. 
Congratulations to Jeannine and, of course, Nicholas!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving was a nice day with family.  I hope your's was too and you got in an afternoon nap like these guys!

Monday, November 22, 2010

TDAA trial resutls

Cheryl Brown wrote about her weekend at the Teacup Agility trials she attended this past weekend.  "Our Q and title count for the weekend at my club's TDAA trial: Jackson earned 3 Standard Q's and 3 Games Q's towards his TACh 3 title. He had placements on two runs and he earned his TMAG 4 title today. (Teacup Master Agility Games).
Felix earned 4 Games Q's towards his TACh 3 title and his TMAG 3 title. Felix ran all runs today cleanly but the judge rolled the courses tightly and he was less than 1 second over time on each of his clean Standard runs. AARGH!
With some luck, Jackson could earn his TACh 3 title before the end of the year." 
It sounds like a great weekend!  Congratulations!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


What a great day in Priceville, AL today!
Cheryl Brown (TN) send me a text that our Spencer (Loteki The Winds Of Change) was WD for his second major today.  Spencer was also BOW and Best Puppy!  Many thanks to Ellen and Matthew Perry who are showing Spencer in Priceville. 
The photo to the right is Spencer ready to go on his weekend adventure.

Later, I received a call from Hiram Stewart to say that my Hillary (Loteki Down The Garden Path) had won WB, but the major had broken in bitches, but she did go BOS over a bitch special to FINISH!!!  Thank you, Mr. Stewart

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Princess Sophia on Halloween

October 31st brought out the princess in Sophia for trick and treating.  Her costume was absolutely precious and so beautiful, with the hooped skirt.   It also had a blue velvet hooded floor length cape trimmed with white fur that tied at the neck with a large satin ribbon.  No princess looked prettier.  She was the talk of all the trick or treaters.  Wouldn't we all love to have a dress like this in our closets!?!

It was fun to watch her walk around the neighborhood, the dress just floated.   And the question arises....'where did you find that costume?', at T J Maxx! 

I actually found it when we were out looking for new bedding for our bedroom that is getting a floor to ceiling remodel!

Trinity and Adam had great costumes made by their other grandmother, Vickie.  Vickie is a very talented seamstress and comes up with some great costumes for these two!  Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of them.  Trinity actually had to come up with a different costume as she became ill at school on Friday before and forgot her costume there, so some quick thinking had to be put into place to come up with a costume to go out on Halloween with.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

TACh 2 Ch Loteki Civil Liberties CD RAE MX MXJ

Cheryl Brown is very excited to report that Jackson, earned his RAE today in Chattanooga!  Congrats!

Also, the first Loteki Grand Champion completed his title today in Springfield, IL, Riot is now GRCH Loteki Civil Uprising.  He was BOB with several other specials in the ring, including one that has several BISS, as well as an all-breed BIS.  VERY NICE! We floated home!  I have shown Riot exactly 8 times, with 7 BOBs and one BOS.  He now is official retired from the show ring.

Jackson and Riot are half brothers, as they share the same sire - CH Loteki Just Be Civil.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Great news from Atlanta!  Loteki Down The Garden Path was WB for a major, but it doesn't end there.....she went BEST OF BREED over SEVEN specials for a five point major!  What a win!  Thank you, Hiram Stewart for conditioning my girl so beautifully and handling her to such heights!!! 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Point for Spencer!

Cheryl Brown was pleased to have Spencer, a.k.a. Loteki The Winds Of Change, win WD at the Sunday, Nashville show this past weekend.  Spencer is a very full of himself and is a handful often to his own disadvantage in the ring. 

Spencer and litter mates, Style and Trooper will be 9 months old later this month.

Spencer crashed on the couch after a long day at the dog show!  Behaving is such hard work!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Go Molly & Pippin - Another title!!!

On October 9, Molly Nesselrodt (age 11) and Pippin (Loteki High Flyer, NA, NAJ, NJP) finished their Novice Agility Preferred title at the Williamsport Dog
Training Club Agility Trial.

At the same trial, they qualified in their first try in Open Jumpers with a clean round and earned another Q in Novice Fast!

Way to go Molly and Pippin!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

CONGRATULATIONS to Molly and Pippin

Amy Nesselrodt DVM (PA) writes about the family's camping trip to the Wine Country agility trials.  It was a very soggy trip!  Daughter, Molly ran Pippin, who really hates getting wet!   Don't we all!  The following was taken from Amy's email about the weekend.

"Well....that little Pap was all heart (or else he thought "the sooner I get this done, the sooner I can return to a warm lap") and he had his fastest time (yards per second) ever with a clean round to finish his title!

The rain did not stop until in the night. The next day everything was squishy and muddy. I asked Molly if she wanted to try again or instead go have fun with "the boys.  Molly said she wanted to try again.

The show grounds were awful. Now even the back row of crates were rain slogged. My crate spot, the last one picked, seemed to be a high spot and underneath us it was dry but all around us there was mud and standing water. The rings were awful: sucking deep sticky mud and standing water. Jumpers class was first. I didn't think Pippin would do it for Molly. Well...once again he proved me wrong and had a clean round!

In standard class Pippin once again did everything Molly asked but the teeter, which would not go down, too much mud in the hinges? So he jumped off and got an F. What else could he do? The darn thing stayed suspended in air.

Molly and Pippin showed up Luke and I again. They got their first Q in Fast (first try too!)." 

Pippin went home as Loteki High Flyer, NA, NJ, NJP.  Molly did a super job!

Congratulations to Molly and Flyer on their super weekend!

Monday, September 20, 2010


CH Loteki Ima Firecracker won the Utility class on Sunday to complete his OTCh degree.  A very excited Jeannine (Rash) called me on Sunday morning.  I am sure there were be more details once Jeannine is able to get her feet on the ground again!

Loteki The Winds Of Change started his show career with a FOUR point major.  This is quite a way to start a show career!  Spencer is my Style's littermate and owned by Cheryl Brown.  Spencer and Style are 7.5 months old. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Xander earns his CD

Jane Terry (MD) wrote Alexander (Loteki Good To Go) completed the requirements for his CD in great style in just two weekends with four legs in four tries!
"Xander was getting tired at the end, so each show our score was not as good as the first (when he won the class), but I know to give him more time to recoup.
He is well on his way in Open."
Jane states, "He continues to be the most wonderful companion and friend to all and ambassador for the breed." 
Best of luck Jane and Xander!  What a beautiful boy!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A great weekend in the performance rings

From Jeannine Rash (PA):  CH Loteki Ima Firecracker won more OTCH points this past weekend winning Utility B and earning a second with a 198.5 in Open B and High Combined. He only needs 4 points to finish his OTCh.
Jeffrey (OTCh CH Loteki Surprise Party, UDX) went in Open B.  He did a great job with Keith, who never even trained him.  Jeannine asked Keith to take Jeffrey in, just before he had to go in. Jeffrey did something only Jeffrey would do-on the retrieve over high, he took the dumbell to the man judge.
"I guess he thought all men looked alike!"
The big news is that Willie (Up And Down's Head Over Heels) got his Rally Novice title. Cecelia Servas (Jeannine's sister) did a wrong sign on the first class which kept him out of the ribbons, but they won fourth place in the second show! It was a big accomplishment. Willie was so proud when Keith took his picture with the judge and his ribbons!
Thank you Jeannine, Keith and Cecelia for your faith in Willie.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The final day

Today arrived threatening....we arrived at the show grounds just as the heavens were about to open up.  I managed to get the dogs unloaded, in the building, and make it back to the van, just as it started to rain.  It was pouring before I pulling into a parking spot.  I, then, rummaging around for an umbrella and made my way swiftly into the building. 
After being in the building for a while, I noted my lights were still on.  Upon checking the situation out, after the rain slowed, it was discovered, I left the car running!  What a blonde moment!
Today, we had a lovely day with Riot winning the breed for the third day in a row gaining his 3rd major towards his Grand Championship, a new title being offered by AKC.
We went home after the breed.  Meg Peifer packed up and went home with a point on her youngster.  

It was a great weekend with two majors on 7 month old Style and a major on Asia, both just starting out, and then BOB on Riot the three days I showed him.  I am so tired.  It's going to take all week to catch up!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day Three

Today show time was a bright and early 8:00 a.m.  Style won her 6-9 class with her ususal positive outlook on life.  Asia (Loteki In The Heat Of The Moment) won the Bred-By Exhibitor class.  Asia went on to win the bitch points - a three point major!  Carol Langer helped again by taking Asia in for the breed competition. Riot was Best Of Breed!
The weather was absolutely lovely today.  Sunshine, a light breeze and just perfect weather. 
Early afternoon I took Terry to the urgent care center as his eye had been bothering him since Friday, a bit of steel. 
We ended the evening with a lovely meal with a group of Papillon exhibitors.  One more day.................

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 2

Well a beautiful day dawned with a very early morning, off to the shows.  Terry went with hauling the tent and tables, chairs as well as food and tubs.
The weather was perfect! 
Style (Loteki It's A Good Hair Day) won the 6-9 class again.  Asia (Loteki In The Heat Of The Moment) won the BBE class.  I went back in on Asia, with Doug Moret taking Style back in.  Our judge walked back to Style and said you will be WB.  After getting the 2nd place 6-9 back in the ring, he gave Asia RWB.  Asia is dead out of coat, of course, after entries had closed! 

Back in for Best of Breed, Carol Langer took Style in, as I had a special.  Style was BOW, and BOS over a bitch special for FOUR POINTS!  She makes people smile as she just loves life, so much like her daddy, Nelson (CH Loteki For The Good Of Mankind)! 
Riot (CH Loteki Civil Uprising) was BOB.
Asia was Best Bred by and got a Group IV in the BBE group!  Early ring time tomorrow....hope I can get through one more day!

Friday, September 3, 2010

1st day of the four days in Amana

What a beautiful day - a bit windy but what goregous temperatures, sunshine and low humidity.
Lou Hilton's Abbey Hill Wave Runner was WD to finish.  Dewey has been here since June.  He's a fun dog to show.  I fell in love with him in Kentucky at the National.  Dewey is Lou's first homebred champion, and a Phalene!  SO PRETTY!
Loteki It's A Good Hair Day had such a good time at her first show.  I wasn't sure she was going to walk on a lead, as she really has not been trained. She tried to crawl up in the judge's lap several times.  She could bearly hold still on the table she was so excited, but the judge, Virginia Lyne, was patient
Style won the 6-9 class.  She went back in for WB and was a little more subdued, although she still wanted to crawl into the judge's lap!
To make a long story short, Style was WB for THREE POINTS!!!  What a way to start your first show!  Back tomorrow with food for the Papillon people!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New MACH2 - Dino!

Kim DeBenedictis (IL) wrote that Dino, aka MACH CH Loteki His Royal Majesty CDX, MXJ, OAC, TG-N, TN-O earned his MACH2 at the Blitzen Agility Club on August 29th! 

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Saturday, Jeannine Rash (PA) wrote that CH Loteki Ima Firecracker UD, a.k.a Nicholas, won another Open B class with a 198.5!  OTCh CH Loteki Surprise Party UDX won the third place with a 197.5. Nicholas got second in Utility. They got 17 more OTCH points and another UDX leg so Nicholas is up to 67 points and 7 UDX legs.

Jane Terry (MD) wrote Loteki Good To Go, won the Novice B class his first time in the ring. Zander's score was 191.5.

In Atlanta, Loteki The Debutante was WB and BOW to FINISH!  Thank you, Ellen and Matthew, for showing Debi to her last major!

On Sunday, Jeannine Rash (PA) wrote that CH Loteki Ima Firecracker UD won both Open B and Utility on Sunday. He was High in Trial and High Combined.  He is within 10 points of his OTCH and has 8 UDX legs. 

Zander earned yet another leg to his Novice title with a fourth place in Novice!
In Minnesota, Loteki The Natural Touch, was WB to complete her championship title from the Bred-By Exhibitor class!  I was pretty happy! (Brooke in the ring to the left, thanks to Sherry Oakes.)

Loteki Down The Garden Path was WB and BOS over a bitch special in Houston.

What a fabulous weekend for Loteki Papillons! 

Monday, August 23, 2010


Ann Jackson (NY) wrote that C-ATCH MACH Incognito At Astra now is a MACH2.  He completed the requirements for his MACh2 on Thursday, August 19th.  "Nito" was 7 on July 4th.  Ann says he is running better and faster than ever. 
She also wrote that last fall Nito also earned his C-ATCH (CPE Agility Trial Champion) title.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

FEE earns TACh2 title! More OTCh points for Nicholas!

Cheryl Brown (TN) was very excited to report that Fee, a.k.a. TACh Loteki Wind Fall RAE MXP MJP3 earned his TACh2 on Saturday! 

Jeannine Rash (PA) wrote that Nicholas (CH Loteki Ima Firecracker RN, UD) won the Open B class with a 198.5.  He has earned his Master Obedience title also! 
What a great weekend for Loteki Paps in the performance rings!   Way to go!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Jeannine Rash (PA) wrote CH Loteki Ima Firecracker, UD, a.k.a. Nicholas showed past weekend (July 31 & August 1). Nicholas tied for third in Utility with the dog who has won the Invitational twice, but lost the run off.  In Open we tied again and this time Nicholas won the run off!  The poodle who was in the top 4 at the Invitational won the class after a run off with another nationally known dog but they were just a half point above us. That dog was High combined but we were right behind her. He was the only non-OTCh dog to place during the whole weekend.

Unfortunately the numbers weren't that high as one would have liked, so Nicholas only got 1 OTCH point. We did get a 6th UDX leg and now only need 2 points to finish his Master title.

On August 7th, in Cincinnati at the Clermont County Dog Training Club, TACh CH Loteki Civil Liberties CD RE MX MXJ earned his TACh2!  Jackson qualified and placed in all 5 of his runs on Saturday with a first place on his standard TACh 2 run.

Cheryl's Felix (TACh Loteki Wind Fall RAE MXP MJP3) qualified in all three Standard runs and in one of his two game runs.  He is closing in on his TACh 2 title also.

At the Allstar Performance Dog Association tournament in York, PA, on Saturday,  Nicholas won the Utility division on Saturday.  He also had completed his first run in Rally at the tournament and is winning with a perfect score and the fastest time by more than 20 seconds! 

On Sunday, Nicholas won the Rally Novice competition!  The only dog to win two different competitions.  His team won the team event.

Loteki Down The Garden Path won her second BOB from the classes today over specials.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Gunny earns CDX

Mary Waller (MN) wrote that Loteki Just Blew Into Town earned his CDX in three straight shows at the Red River trials in Fargo, ND.  His title was earned with two second places and one first! 
Next step............Utility!  CONGRATULATIONS Mary!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Today, Loteki The Heiress completed the requirements for her championship from the bred-by exhibitor class.  She is my 200th homebred champion.  Which is an incredible milestone for any breeder, but even more interesting is that on July 18, 1978, I drove to O'hare in Chicago and picked up my first Papillon, CH Kvar Supernova

I would never have guessed this would is where we would be 32 years.  Who would have thought it!?!

Paris is the 13th champion for her sire, CH Loteki Royal Heir, which qualifying him for his sire of distinction!

I almost forgot, Paris finished her title entirely from the Bred-By Exhibitor class!  How appropriate!   I am very pleased!

It was a great weekend although HOT!  I hope everyone had a cool weekend!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Good weekend

I had a great weekend in Sedalia, MO.  The weather was hot but not oppressive.  It was a long drive on Friday night after work, thankfully, Terry was kind enough to bring the van with the dogs in it to meet me. 
Brooke (Loteki The Natural Touch) was WB on Saturday for FOUR points!  Crossing my fingers that we have some good luck in the next few weeks in finding majors, for that second major! 
We had a nice time at the shows and were home early on Sunday!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

NEW CHAMPION - Loteki Im Royalty

Today, Ms. Phoebe completed the requirements for her championship.  She is the fourth champion for her dam, CH Loteki Ima Natural, which qualifies her for her dam of merit award from PCA.  She is the 12th for her sire CH Loteki Royal Heir
Phoebe shall now be known as CH Loteki Im Royalty
I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday News

Sunday, June 27, was another hot day.  We had success with Loteki The Heiress going WB for a point, only one more to go!  Riot  (CH Loteki Civil Uprising) was BOB and GROUP THREE!!! 
Papillons showed early so Terry and I went to the show, showed, came home and started the numerous chores that are aways waiting.  We worked around the house until about 1:15 I called a friend to see the group order.  She said the groups started at 2:00 and Toys were second.  So I got dressed, combed my hair and we loaded up and headed out.  We were stopped at the first of MANY stoplights at 1:48 and I received a call, Toys were FIRST!  OH MY GOD!  We managed to hit every stoplight red.  I was a nervous wreck. At 2:01 I received a text - "They just went in."  We pulled into the fairgrounds at 2:04, there were only three more dogs to go over!  I asked to be allowed in the ring, Riot was not sure what the hell was going on and his around was not a stellar moment.  It was wonderful but embarrassing and certainly not how I like to do things.

We came home and did ribs on the grill, went to Steph & Clay's for a family supper and then out to my sister, Sue & Curt for a short visit. 
It was a busy weekend!  Hope everyone had a good weekend and stayed cool.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

weekend news - Saturday

So far this weekend has been GREAT!
Loteki Down The Garden Path is in Louisana.  She has been WB Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Friday she was also BOS over a bitch special.  Today, she was also BOB over three specials.  I am really excited.  These are Hillary's first shows!  Thank you,  Hiram Stewart!
At the local Hawkeye show, littermate, Loteki Touch A Rose was WB and BOS for her first point.  BOB was CH Loteki Civil Uprising, who won a 4th in the group!  What fun! 
I need to mention that it is hot, hot, hot and I was suffering from wardrobe malifunction!  I am thrilled to be home in the air!  I hope there is more good news to report tomorrow! 

MORE NEWS.......
Jeannine Rash (PA) wrote that CH Loteki Ima Firecracker UD won the Open class and had a 2nd in Utility, for 17 more OTCh points and a fifth UDX leg!

Pat Fallon (PA) wrote that pending UKC confirmation her Gigi is known as UCH URO1 Loteki Gigi RN.  Gigi has also earned her AKC RN!  Congrats to Pat and Gigi!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mr. Fee does it again! TACh Loteki Total Windfall RAE MXP MJP3

On June 13, Cheryl Brown (TN) writes Felix is now (TACh) Loteki Total Windfall RAE MXP MJP3. He finished his RAE title at the Huntsville (AL) obedience/rally trial on June 13. The RAE title is the highest title awarded in AKC Rally obedience and represents 10 double Q's (qualifying in both Excellent B and Advanced B on the same day).

 Felix's accomplishments are so special.  As a youngster he held a lot of promise for all that the world had to offer, but an accident at 9 months of age looked like it would end all that.  That accident at 9 months of age ended his conformation career with a BW/BOB and 2 points and led to months of rehab and then agility as physical therapy. The intent was never intended to really show him in agility. But, he loved it and was good at it and despite his altered movement and his slight head tilt, my agility instructor told me that Felix could do agility and could earn his MXP and MJP (Masters Standard Preferred and Masters Jumpers Preferred). Felix did all of that and more. He earned in AKC agility his NAP, NJP, OAP, OJP, AXP, AJP on the way to his MXP and three MJP titles. Amazing, really.

And, then obedience. I took Felix to a CGC class and he got his CGC. I taught him basic obedience but he (bless him) because of what his injury left him with cannot figure out what straight means and he does have a slightly altered gait so I figured regular obedience wasn't for him. So, we tried rally. I can't say he really enjoyed it but he did it because I asked him to do it and there were treats and lots and lots of praise and he loves both of these.

The RAE will be his last AKC title. He is nearly half way though to his TACh 2 (Teacup Agility Championship 2) title and I'll keep doing TDAA agility with Felix until he tells me that he doesn't want to do it anymore. I don't think that day is near.

And, as for Jackson, he did outscore Felix every run. But, I expect that of him. He got 2nd place in Excellent B on Saturday with a score of 99 (first place also had a score of 99 and was a fraction of a second faster and has an OTCH). Jackson now has 8 RAE legs and should finish that title at our next rally trial in October.

From Saturday, June 19th, Cheryl writesJackson qualified every run and now needs only 3 standard legs for his TACh 2. Felix qualified in both games but dropped a bar in ond Stsndard run and took a wrong course into a tunnel on another. He likes these tiny tunnels.

Cheryl and her boys made some Teacup Agility history a couple months ago as Cheryl's boys earned their TACh on the same day at the same trial.

I have enjoyed some nice wins with Brooke (Loteki The Natural Touch).  She is well on her way to her title by going WB at four of the 5 shows she has been entered at.  We will soon be at the point of needing only majors, which can be a vexing position to be in.  We will keep our fingers crossed. 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sad news

OTCh Loteki My Funny Valentine UDX went over the rainbow bridge on June 10, 2010.  "Gidget" was a very special dog in Jeannine Rash's life. 
I remember when we talked about what Jeannine wanted, I wasn't sure that Gidget fit.  For one thing she was a half face and Jeannine liked symmetry as an artist.  Gidget fit just fine.
Gidget started her life out as Janie.  She was one of a three girl litter.  Her littersisters both obtained their conformation championships
Gidget was featured in a video sold by Gerianne Darnell, as a young puppy.
Gidget retired the High In Trial trophy offered at PCA National Specialties in three straight shows.  She had multiple, multiple HITs and high combineds. 
There are once in a life time dogs the come into our lives, Gidget definitely was one in Jeannine and Keith Rash's life. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Rusty earns his CGC!

Judith Klotz (MO) attended an event at a local pet store presented by the Midwest Doberman Rescue Organization on Sunday, May 16th, which was attended by 20 other rescue groups with Rusty.  There were a number of things going on, including fundraising, micro-chipping, nail trimming, adoptions, CGC and TDI testing, as well as a live band

Judith took the plunge and had Rusty take the CGC test.  HE PASSED!  Yea!  Way to go!

This is Judith's and Rusty's first attempt at any type of testing, competition, etc.  I am very glad it went so well!


Monday, April 26, 2010

A sad day - CH Loteki Clairvoyant 7-3-95 to 4-26-10

Today, started as no one wants a Monday morning to begin. I had to help Claire pass over. It was a very tough decision, but she had lost her wagging tail. I did what she loved best and that was to hold her in my arms.

It's been a difficult several months to make sure she would eat, as she became more and more selective about what she ate. We got very creative, but she would wag and be so happy to see whatever you came up with. Saturday morning she enjoyed vanilla ice cream.

Claire and her brother, Telly, CH Loteki Foretell The Future, were the last litter of my dear, Gypsy, CH Loteki Denzel Fortuneteller DOD. They were a fabulous litter and did their dam proud.  They were the first litter of their sire, Charles, BISS A/C CH Loteki Good Time Charlie, SOM.

Sadly, Claire had only one living puppy, Noah, who lives a grand life in an only dog home.  I was lucky to have her grace our home for all of her years.

Claire will be missed by us.  She loved sitting on the couch curled up on my lap or sitting on Terry.  She was a grunt-er and would give big sighs when she was settled into her position.  She was a grand old lady, sweet and happy. I will miss her dark eyes and her mush face, but mostly I will miss her sweet demeanor and her wagging tail.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gunny wins HIT

Mary Waller (MN) wrote that her Gunny (Loteki Just Blew Into Town, CD) competed at the ASCA Trial in Hugo, MN.  He earned a first in Novice with a 198.5, which was High In Trial as well as High In Other Breed.

At ASCA you can move your dog up if they earn their degree, so at the second trial, Gunny moved up to Open A and earned 1st in Open with a 198.

What a great weekend!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Nicholas finished his championship with his fourth major this past Saturday!  He now is CH Loteki Ima Firecracker, UD RA!!!!
We all were so excited.  I kept telling Jeannine he would finish with a nice major! 

Nicholas is Gizelle's third champion!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Jackson earns his CD

Cheryl Brown (TN) wrote that Jackson earned his CD in three straight trials!  Way to go!  Jackson has been busy in all rings, with agility, teacup agility, rally and now obedience.  Ooops almost forgot, he is a breed champion also!
Congratulations on your new title - TACh Ch Loteki Civil Liberties, CD RE MX MXJ

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Posey (Loteki Crown Of Roses) was BOB at the Clinton Iowa KC show on Saturday, April 3rd from the Open bitch class over kennel mate CH Loteki For The Good Of Mankind
Posey completed her requirements for her championship with this win! 
It is fortunate to have the win on Saturday, so Sunday could be spent with family on Easter.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Mary Gail Holcombe (MS) writes Loteki Just Be A Gentleman CDX was successful in earning his first UD leg in Little Rock on March 27th. 

Mary Gail writes, "We finally did it. . He had a respectable 194 in Utility A and won the class!  We continue to work on the little things that kill you on points!! We were both so excited we practically danced out of the ring. We had many friends there who were waiting outside the ring for us with hugs and pats of congratulations.

I know this doesn't sound like much to some who have been in this a long time, but for a Novice A person with her Novice A dog this was HUGE. He got an extra treat for dinner and so did I !!!
 Sunday didn't go quite as well. Rascal missed his sit signal but performed the rest of the exercises nicely. Signals continue to be our chief nemesis.  I had entered him in Open B for the first time in quite some time, and he qualified. So that was good for both of us."

CONGRATULATIONS, Mary Gail and Rascal.  I am so proud of what you are accomplishing!  I am sure you will have a new Utility degree to report very soon! 

Saturday, March 20, 2010


The Metropolitan Area Papillon Club held their annual specialty February 27 and 28.  Obedience and their puppy match are held on the 27th.
Jeannine Rash (PA) wrote that Nicholas (Loteki Ima Firecracker, UD) was HIT from the Open B class!  I believe he earned a few OTCh points with this win.
On March 18th, Nicholas was 2nd in Open B to earn more OTCh points.  He also earned another point towards his CH on March 17th.  One more to go and he will have titles on both ends!  I am sure Jeannine will have more wins to report, as Nicholas lives up to his name!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Cheryl Brown (TN) is so excited about her weekend in Decatur, Illinois!  She just returned home from a long but easy drive back from the JFF of Central Illinois TDAA trial. Wonderful weekend up in Illinois. Spring-like weather and really nice people up there. Cheryl wrote, "Paul Jensen, trial chair, announced Saturday morning that I got the prize for the person travelling farthest to come to their trial!"
Cheryl writes - Saturday, we had four runs, skipping the last Game which was Jumpers Call Direct Send (we don't do gambles). We played Wildcard and both boys qualified. We played Tag 10 and both boys qualified. Felix placed third beating Jackson who had a glitch trying to take a wrong course. Then, two Standard courses and the boys qualified on both of those. Jackson got a 2nd on one and a 3rd on the other. So, they qualfied in every run! End of first day--Felix needed one more Games Q and Jackson needed one more Standard Q to TACh.

Sunday, Jackson was feeling it! He came in the building barking at everyone and barked and spun through the obstacle familiarization. The first run was a Game--Blackjack. If Felix qualfied, he would TACh!!!! Felix did qualify and we had our TACh run! Amazing really! Who would have ever thought that Felix could accomplish so much! But, Felix tries and tries and tries so hard. I love him so much. There we were doing a short little TACh run over a few jumps and through a chute--things that Felix likes to do. My Mr. Fee was a Teacup Agility Champion. :)

Next run was a Standard run and the hardest course of the weekend with 180's and sharp turns to obstacles and a down on the table (which Jackson hates). I figured we would have to wait for the next run to qualify and finish Jackson's TACh. But, no! Jackson went right into a down on the table and sailed around the course taking another 1st place! Another TACh! Jackson loved the applause and did a few cute spins and barked at the crowd while doing a few jumps to impress the crowd of his new fans. He loved the adoration!

Jackson qualified in all 8 runs and got all first places on Sunday. Felix qualified in 6 of his 8 runs. Jackson finished his TAM and his TACh and Felix finished his TMAG and his TACh. We got TACH bars with a cute TACH decal around the middle with teacups on it, huge ribbons, and a second huge rosette/sash for the dog to wear (too big for Papillons). The Trial Chair took loads of photos.

The boys are now know as TACH Loteki Total Windfall RE, MXP, MJP3, a.k.a. Felix and TACH CH Loteki Civil Liberties RE, MX, MXJ a.k.a. Jackson.

Congradulations on a fabulous weekend!  They do not get much better than that!

Friday, February 26, 2010


The past weekend, I ventured out to my first dog show since fracturing my plateau tibia on December 29.  I was lucky enough to have a great helper, my granddaughter, Trinity.  She helped me with a lot.  We counted cars in the ditch on the drive to Des Moines, with a total of 25 cars and one semi littering the ditches.   
We arrived at the Iowa State Fairgrounds to discover some major construction going on, as well as a large cattle show, with more pickups parked along the streets and parking lots than I think I have ever witnessed!  So finding a parking spot close by was a trick, but we did manage to.
Papillons were late on Saturday, which was a blessing after receiving snow overnight as well as a foggy beginning to the morning.  I showed my Loteki Crown of Roses to Winners Bitch.  I did not feel I could go back in the ring, and since she had already won the major, I asked someone else to take her in for BOB, Sissy Klein agreed and did a FABULOUS JOB, as judge Nancy Hafner put her BEST OF BREED!  What a great feeling!   Rob Meerdink helped me by showing Posey in the group, they looked very nice.
The Papillon Club of Iowa had their 2nd B match after BIS was over.  Trinity agreed to show a puppy as well as an adult.  She choose 9 month old Loteki Touch A Rose.  There were 5 red/sable puppy bitches in her class.  Trinity and Gina came out the winners.  They went on to BIM.  Trinity was so pleased, she does look happy, doesn't she?
The next day we showed again.  Loteki Crown of Roses was WB and BOS for another major!  YIPPPEEE!  She needs just a few singles to finish! 
It was a great weekend at the shows, although I came home exhausted!  Trinity had a good time! 
Posey and Gina are half sisters out of the same mother - CH Loteki Rose From The Ashes! 

Monday, February 22, 2010

RAE leg #7 for Mr. Fee!

Cheryl Brown writes, she and the boys have returned from Decatur, AL (near Huntsville) where Felix (Loteki Total Windfall) showed in Excellent B and Advanced B. He qualified in both, earning his 7th RAE leg. Only 3 more to go!
CONGRATULATIONS!  We are crossing fingers for those next three legs!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I am very excited to report that Phoebe, a.k.a. Loteki Im Royalty, has picked up back to back majors in Atlanta.  She is within a point of finishing her title!  YIPPEEE!!!
Many thanks to Ellen Perry for her hard work, handling and grooming talents, faith, and friendship! 
I am so stoked today! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Cheryl Brown (TN) very excitedly reported that Jackson (CH Loteki Civil Liberties) double-Q'ed today!!!! That is his first double-Q since last March. He has 4 now.

Cheryl and the boys are settling into their new home in Franklin and did have to deal with snow this past weekend, something very unusual for the Nashville area. 

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Jeannine Rash (PA) called to let me know that Nicholas (Loteki Ima Firecracker) is can now add UD to his titles.  Nichlas placed 4th in Utility, but also placed 2nd in Open, so has one UDX leg!  Way to go!


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