Thursday, July 30, 2009

MACH Loteki Incognito At Astra - ANOTHER TITLE!

Ann Jackson (NY) wrote - "Nito finished another AKC title a couple of weeks ago - Open FAST (OF). This was a tough one for him, as it required him to work at a distance. He is a very sensible dog; we lost several legs when I tried to send him away and he started in the correct direction and then looked at me and said "If you really wanted me to do that, you would come with me. I know how this is supposed to work."Another complication was that after my first run of a 4-day weekend, I fell and broke my wrist. I'd like to say it happened while I was running him (which would at least make me a middle-aged athlete), but actually I slipped while walking between rings, so I guess I'm just a middle-aged klutz. But I splinted my arm with a shim and some Vet-Wrap and only missed 2 runs, when I had to go get it put in a cast. So he finished his OF despite the various weird contraptions on my arm.I had hoped to be able to announce another title; Nito is very close to his CPE agility championship (C-ATCH), but he was tempted by a tunnel last weekend, so we still need 1 more qualifying score. The C-ATCH is not as hard to earn as a MACH, but it's still a nice title to have; you need 10 qualifying scores in the standard class and 5 legs in each of 6 games classes. Nito has been very consistent and we hope to have that last leg soon!"

Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 12th trip to Niabi Zoo

We took a Sunday morning and drove to Moline, IL with Clay, Stephanie & Sophia to the Niabi Zoo. Terry, Stephanie & Sophia are pictured at the giraffe exhibit.

It was a perfect outing for Sophia's first zoo trip. The zoo has a beautifuly restored train that circles the park and a gorgeous carousel.

For more photos, go to and click on photos.

Chloe does it again!

Jeannine Rash called on Saturday to say Chloe (Loteki Ima Cupcake) was BOB again! What a rush! Check out Jeannine's web site for photos of Chloe at 5 months.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Teacup Agility

Cheryl Geer went to the Teacup agility trial in Evansville this past weekend. Teacup news.... Jackson (CH Loteki Civil Liberties) had a really good weekend. He now has two legs towards his Teacup Superior Agility title and both were 1st place wins! He qualified in every Games 3 run so he has 4 of the 5 needed legs for that title. So, at his next trial, he'll start to work on his TACH!

Felix (Loteki Total Windfall) got one more Superior Standard leg so he now has two legs towards that title too. He had some trouble staying out of the tiny tunnels (he loves them!) and only got 2 Games 3 legs this weekend.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Loteki Ima Cupcake wins BOB

Jeannine Rash (PA) called to say that Chloe (Loteki Ima Cupcake) was BOB from the puppy class at 7 months of age. Jeannine sounded very excited! I am sure that we will hear more about Chloe as she matures!
Today, I took some photos of my 12 week old kids. This is the small girl and boy laying out in the sun.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rascal in Bossier City

Mary Gail Holcombe (MS) wrote that she and Rascal went to shows in Bossier City, LA over the 4th. They had good results with Rascal qualifying on Saturday and Sunday with scores of 195 and 194.5 respectively! She said that they received som very positive comments by the judges.
They are currently working on Utility - which is a work in progress.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hot and Humid...then cool and dry

After 10 days of mid 90s and high humidity, Sunday dawned cool and dry! YIPPEEE! I did loads and loads of laundry, hanging sheets out to dry, nothing smells better than bed clothes hung outside! I also worked on my still needs a lot more work.

Terry made fence at my sister, Sue & bro-in-law, Curt's place for their horses, both Saturday and Sunday! He came home sunburnt and exhausted. Despite requests to use sunblock, neither man cooperated!

I also bathed dogs and then tried to take photos. I managed to get a couple photos of Zac and Kendall at 4 months. Zac is pictured, he's a bigger boy, very sweet, and very food motivated! Wish I had time for performance events, he would be great!