Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year

I've been a bit remiss about blogging news.  The holidays keep one busy, but then there was the matter of doing fall/spring cleaning over Christmas!  On December 16th, I did something real stupid and opened an attachment on an email that appeared to be from American Airlines - BAD, so 10 days later and a nice chunk of change later, I got my computer back after Christmas.  Live and learn!  The weather has been unseasonably warm so far this winter with temperatures in the mid 40s to 60 on January 5th - a record breaker!

The weekend before Christmas Mary Gail Holcombe (MS) was thrilled to have her new puppy, Loteki Rose To The Challenge, a.k.a. McGee, win WD/BOW three of the four days at her local shows.  McGee was 7 months old and is Mary Gail's first dog to show in conformation.  I was very thrilled with McGee's success in the ring, too!

Cheryl Brown (TN) spent New Year's at agility trials in Harriman, TN, with some good results.  Cheryl was thrilled with a double QQ for Jackson on Saturday. 

Chery and the boys went back to Harriman this past weekend for the Oak Ridge Kennel Club's AKC agility trial. Nice judges, good courses,  and Jackson was perfect! 4 for 4 for him. He now has 16 Double-Q's, 4 more to go for his MACH!

Felix ran every course cleanly without mistakes. He only Q'ed yesterday in Jumpers. On the other three courses, he was 1-3 seconds over time on each run.

I drove to St. Paul, MN for the Land O'Lake KC shows and was thrilled to bring home a major, her second, on Promise, Chanceux On My Word.  McGee's brother, Gibbs, made his debut on Saturday, and created quite a stir ringside, as he hopped, skipped, jumped and twirled around the ring, he seemed to have forgotten how to walk on a lead.  He was much better on Sunday and was reserve.  It was great to see old friends that I had not seen for a while.

Mary Waller reported that her Gunny (Loteki Blew Into Town UD) picked up his 8th UDX leg on Saturday at the LOL shows.  She is having a lot of fun with her new youngster, amazed by his intelligence but also by his athletic abilities.

We celebrated Terry's birthday with dinner out on Sunday night with my sister and her husband, Stephanie, Clay, Sophia, Trinity and Adam.  Poor Danielle was working!

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