Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What a great weekend

Lots of news from the weekend -
Barry Palmer (MD) wrote he had an absolute great weekend with his two Papillons, Zephyr and Trooper.  "Zephyr earned his CDX a 194.5 and second place which is the
best score of his career.  In agility he still needs 5 double Q's for his MACH,
but we are making steady progress. 

Trooper (Loteki Blowing In The Wind) just started competing last weekend at Jeannine's and earned his Beginner Novice Title at our club's trial last night.   This is a relatively new AKC class where the dog remains on lead.  It's a great way to get your dog in the ring and get experience while they are still working on their off lead heeling.  Trooper earned a 195.5 and first place.  To say the least, I was very proud.  Jeannine thinks he is the best heeler I have ever had. He is definitely an eye catcher.   Last weekend Chloe took 1st place, Willie took 2nd and Trooper took 3rd in the Beginner Novice class.  It was a Loteki sweep.  We had lots of fun."

Cheryl Brown (TN) writes on Saturday -  "Jackson and I had a fun day. Two blue ribbons in Novice Preferred 4" Jumpers and Standard. My little red guy rocked those courses! 23 seconds under time in Jumpers and then 41 seconds under time in Standard!"

Sunday Cheryl writes -  "Jackson rocked two more Novice courses today running 4". He does really like that."  Four runs four blue ribbons!  Sounds like a great day!!!

Amy Nesselrodt (PA) wrote - "This past weekend, we had a "girls' camping trip" at Chenago Valley State Park (NY) and attended the Susquenago Kennel Club's agility trials. Molly Jo and Pippin (Loteki High Flyer NA NJ AJP OA) may now upgrade the OA to AXP, for they had a lovely Excellent Standard run for a first place ribbon and finished his title! Great job Molly and Pippin! Pippin enjoyed the camping part too as he had lots of "lap time" and also got to sleep with us in our tiny tent!"

Cheryl Brown was also very excited as CH Loteki The Winds Of Change, became GCh Loteki The Winds of Change!  He was BOB on Satuarday with yet another group placement in a tough toy group in Minnesota on Saturday.  Sunday he was BOB again, which completed the Grand title, but I was unable to stay for the group to other commitments.

Loteki Alito Di Vento, a.k.a. was WB and BOW for 4 points on Saturday from the BBE class! 

My 2nd home bred
Miniature Pinscher  -  Sultans Tight Squeeze, a.k.a. Edgar, completed his championship title on Saturday from the BBE, undefeated, except the one time he was beat by his brother. 

Jeannine Rash (PA) was HIT on Saturday at shows in her area with Nicholas.  I don't have all the particulars, but after many months at home.  I'm sure Jeannine & Nicholas are very happy to be back in the ring!

On Tuesday morning, I received this email from Cheryl (TN) - "He (Jackson) woke me up just after 2:00 to tell me something was wrong.  The hot water heater was running non stop. Weird. Then I heard water running. Hot water was gushing from my kitchen cabinets under the sink!  

Luckily, I know how to shut off the main water shut off.  The braided rugs were soaked and there was some standing water and there are hardwoods in the kitchen.  I dragged the rugs outside and started mopping up the floor. Left a message for the plumber and went back to bed.

Plumber called at 6:15 and was here by 7:30.  The hot water supply hose blew apart. The main pressure valve had gone bad and the pressure was way too high.  Thank you Jackson!  If he hadn't alerted?!"  I think Jackson as earned his PAD title!!!  (PAD - Plumbing Alert Dog)

A great weekend with a lot of wonderful wins in many different parts of the country with wonderful people and fabulous dogs.  Congratulations!  Keep those emails and calls coming!

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