Monday, September 20, 2010


CH Loteki Ima Firecracker won the Utility class on Sunday to complete his OTCh degree.  A very excited Jeannine (Rash) called me on Sunday morning.  I am sure there were be more details once Jeannine is able to get her feet on the ground again!

Loteki The Winds Of Change started his show career with a FOUR point major.  This is quite a way to start a show career!  Spencer is my Style's littermate and owned by Cheryl Brown.  Spencer and Style are 7.5 months old. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Xander earns his CD

Jane Terry (MD) wrote Alexander (Loteki Good To Go) completed the requirements for his CD in great style in just two weekends with four legs in four tries!
"Xander was getting tired at the end, so each show our score was not as good as the first (when he won the class), but I know to give him more time to recoup.
He is well on his way in Open."
Jane states, "He continues to be the most wonderful companion and friend to all and ambassador for the breed." 
Best of luck Jane and Xander!  What a beautiful boy!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A great weekend in the performance rings

From Jeannine Rash (PA):  CH Loteki Ima Firecracker won more OTCH points this past weekend winning Utility B and earning a second with a 198.5 in Open B and High Combined. He only needs 4 points to finish his OTCh.
Jeffrey (OTCh CH Loteki Surprise Party, UDX) went in Open B.  He did a great job with Keith, who never even trained him.  Jeannine asked Keith to take Jeffrey in, just before he had to go in. Jeffrey did something only Jeffrey would do-on the retrieve over high, he took the dumbell to the man judge.
"I guess he thought all men looked alike!"
The big news is that Willie (Up And Down's Head Over Heels) got his Rally Novice title. Cecelia Servas (Jeannine's sister) did a wrong sign on the first class which kept him out of the ribbons, but they won fourth place in the second show! It was a big accomplishment. Willie was so proud when Keith took his picture with the judge and his ribbons!
Thank you Jeannine, Keith and Cecelia for your faith in Willie.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The final day

Today arrived threatening....we arrived at the show grounds just as the heavens were about to open up.  I managed to get the dogs unloaded, in the building, and make it back to the van, just as it started to rain.  It was pouring before I pulling into a parking spot.  I, then, rummaging around for an umbrella and made my way swiftly into the building. 
After being in the building for a while, I noted my lights were still on.  Upon checking the situation out, after the rain slowed, it was discovered, I left the car running!  What a blonde moment!
Today, we had a lovely day with Riot winning the breed for the third day in a row gaining his 3rd major towards his Grand Championship, a new title being offered by AKC.
We went home after the breed.  Meg Peifer packed up and went home with a point on her youngster.  

It was a great weekend with two majors on 7 month old Style and a major on Asia, both just starting out, and then BOB on Riot the three days I showed him.  I am so tired.  It's going to take all week to catch up!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day Three

Today show time was a bright and early 8:00 a.m.  Style won her 6-9 class with her ususal positive outlook on life.  Asia (Loteki In The Heat Of The Moment) won the Bred-By Exhibitor class.  Asia went on to win the bitch points - a three point major!  Carol Langer helped again by taking Asia in for the breed competition. Riot was Best Of Breed!
The weather was absolutely lovely today.  Sunshine, a light breeze and just perfect weather. 
Early afternoon I took Terry to the urgent care center as his eye had been bothering him since Friday, a bit of steel. 
We ended the evening with a lovely meal with a group of Papillon exhibitors.  One more day.................

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 2

Well a beautiful day dawned with a very early morning, off to the shows.  Terry went with hauling the tent and tables, chairs as well as food and tubs.
The weather was perfect! 
Style (Loteki It's A Good Hair Day) won the 6-9 class again.  Asia (Loteki In The Heat Of The Moment) won the BBE class.  I went back in on Asia, with Doug Moret taking Style back in.  Our judge walked back to Style and said you will be WB.  After getting the 2nd place 6-9 back in the ring, he gave Asia RWB.  Asia is dead out of coat, of course, after entries had closed! 

Back in for Best of Breed, Carol Langer took Style in, as I had a special.  Style was BOW, and BOS over a bitch special for FOUR POINTS!  She makes people smile as she just loves life, so much like her daddy, Nelson (CH Loteki For The Good Of Mankind)! 
Riot (CH Loteki Civil Uprising) was BOB.
Asia was Best Bred by and got a Group IV in the BBE group!  Early ring time tomorrow....hope I can get through one more day!

Friday, September 3, 2010

1st day of the four days in Amana

What a beautiful day - a bit windy but what goregous temperatures, sunshine and low humidity.
Lou Hilton's Abbey Hill Wave Runner was WD to finish.  Dewey has been here since June.  He's a fun dog to show.  I fell in love with him in Kentucky at the National.  Dewey is Lou's first homebred champion, and a Phalene!  SO PRETTY!
Loteki It's A Good Hair Day had such a good time at her first show.  I wasn't sure she was going to walk on a lead, as she really has not been trained. She tried to crawl up in the judge's lap several times.  She could bearly hold still on the table she was so excited, but the judge, Virginia Lyne, was patient
Style won the 6-9 class.  She went back in for WB and was a little more subdued, although she still wanted to crawl into the judge's lap!
To make a long story short, Style was WB for THREE POINTS!!!  What a way to start your first show!  Back tomorrow with food for the Papillon people!