Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Weekend and more

Busy week, so am just sitting down to mention the lovely weekend I had.  I went to shows in DeKalb, IL, luckily Papillons were late on Saturday, so I was able to get up Saturday morning, bath the dogs, pack and drive over for a 1:30 show time.

The entry was not large, but Gina, (Loteki Touch Rose) was WB both days for a point each day.  Sunday she was BOW, which is always nice.  BOS was littermate sister, Hillary.  We spent a lovely afternoon having a late lunch with friends at a landmark in DeKalb, the Hillside Cafe.  The food is always good and the atmosphere warm and friendly.

After lunch we made our way to Patti Perkins' home, where we chatted and the dogs played in her beautiful yard.  Late afternoon, Patti and Meg Peifer who are both interested in genealogy, wanted to make the drive to Sycamore to visit a cemetery.  Off we went, we had such a nice time visiting the short drive there and the short drive home.  Patti fixed a lovely light supper and we relaxed while the dogs enjoyed running and playing.

Sunday Papillons were late again, so it was a leisurely morning, with Patti being the perfect hostess!  It is always a pleasure to visit Patti!

I headed home shortly after 2 and arrived home before 5, quickly unloaded the van, pottyed dogs, started a load of laundry and off to meet Stephanie, Clay, Sophia and Trinity for dinner.  We had a nice dinner together and then dropped Trinity off at home before heading home.

Cheryl Brown (TN) had a great weekend at the AKC Agility trials QQ 18 and 19 for Felix and 37 more MACH points for Jackson! 

Cheryl is at her local teacup agility trial this weekend with the boys.  On Saturday, Fee went 5 for 5 . He is so steady.   So, Fee has 3 more Standard Q's and 2 more Games Q's after today to earn his TACh5. 

Jackson ran in the 3 Standards and only in 1 game on Saturday.  He Q'ed in the game and in 2 of the 3 Standards. 

Sophia petting Jo
Here in Iowa on Saturday, after I got off of work,  Stephanie, Clay, Sophia, Terry and I went out to my sister, Sue and husband, Curt's place to meet their horses.  Sophia had never been and had the best time.  She was a bit overwhelmed by the size of these guys, but she did sit up on Jo with her mom and walked around a bit.  She was fascinated by their size, their hooves, the noises they made and she LOVED feeding them long blades of grass.  She also made a joke about the horse's tail and her own hair which was in a pony tail. 

She had the best time, as only kids that have grown up in country have.  Horses were the main attraction, but they also have some nice young cats that are just the right size to be picked up.  Their border collie, Lucky, loves kids and wants them to play with him.  He is a bit exuberant and did knock Sophia down in his efforts to get her to play with him.  She talked about him on the way home and said, "Lucky is a bully, he knocked me down."  We all had a laugh and tried to explain he wasn't bullying her, but just too happy to contain himself! 

This is really fun!!!
On the way home, Sophia did ask for a pony several times.  Mom kept telling her that the city did not allow ponies in town, but how can you resist this big smile?

Over night we had some pretty noisy thunderstorms with incredible light shows.  We got some much needed rain.  Spring has come early for the most part, except for the freezing temps last week over night.  Everything is bursting with blooms and bright spring green colors.

Puppies are all doing well.  Interesting to note the differences in the two litters that are just two days different in ages.  Brooke's puppies opened their eyes on day 9-10.  Asia's puppies opened theirs on day 13-14.  Brooke's are eating out of a bowl like little piglets.  Asia's are happy to wait for mom and not interested.  Brooke's are scampering about checking everything out.  Asia's are watching the others!  Puppy breath is wonderful on all puppies!  <GGG>

More rain today, so need to get started on some of my inside chores.  I had hoped we'd be able to till up the garden and go plant shopping.  Have a great week!

Monday, April 2, 2012

National #30 in a row

Pia in the bag she won for going Best BBE
Another National is over.  This year it was in Seattle.  It is quite the trip, but Gibbs, Pia and I made it in fine style. 

We left Cedar Rapids on Tuesday and arrived in Seattle without incident.  Luckily, JoAnne Paulino arrived a short time later and we took the shuttle to the hotel together.

We met Meg Peifer and then off to the store for refreshments and supplies.

Sweeps was on Wednesday.  We watched all the puppies and Veterans compete and then had a great get together in our room to talk Papillons.  It was wonderful!

Thursday was dogs.  Our judge was former breeder, Kenneth di Lorenzo.  I was very proud to have Gibbs (Loteki For The Good Of The Team) win the 9-12 puppy dog class.  He is his silly self, although he shows beautifully. 

Friday was bitches and Pia (Loteki Una Piccola Brezza ) won the BBE class I was so happy.  She is such a serious little gal in the ring!

Saturday was BOB and all the non-regular classes.  BOB went to a bitch this year.  Non-regular classes such as best puppy, best veteran, etc. were judged afterward.    Pia and I were lucky to win Best BBE.

Saturday night a banquet was held, which was well attended.  Packing and up early for the flight home, it was a short week full of beautiful Papillons, a nice venue, great friends, and a lot of laughs.  I am looking forward to next year in Louisville, KY.

It is so good to be home!