Monday, April 25, 2011

Home from the National and a new champion

It's good to be home!
I left Tuesday about 3:00 in the midst of rain.  It poured about 45 minutes on my way, so much so I had to pull of the interstate.  I got to Meg Peifer's home in Bloomington, loaded her up and her dogs and on our way to Nashville our stopping point.
The rain continued with lightening, thunder, hail and straight line winds, as well as continued downpours.  We saw numerous semis on their sides in the ditches, we made our way slowly, arriving in Nashville about 3:30.
We pottied dogs quickly and went to bed.
We spent a leisurely morning with Ellen Akers Perry and headed to Chattanooga about noon, arriving at 3:00 p.m (eastern).  The weather was warm and humid.
We got checked into our room and then ate at the hotel.
The National was one of the smallest entries in many, many years.  We arrived in time to watch the bitch judging and BOB.
Friday, we headed north to Terre Haute, IN, after BOB was over. I had an excited text from Cheryl Brown, who was in Terre Haute already, that Spencer (Loteki The Winds Of Change) had went BOB from the 12-18 class over two specials for 2 points with Cheryl handling!  She was so excited! We arrived in Terre Haute about 9, checked in to our motel and settled in.
Saturday morning we headed off to the show site under cloudy skies.  Papillons were early.  Spencer was WD and BOW and Asia (Loteki In The Heat Of The Moment) was WB.  Hillary (CH Loteki Down The Garden Path) was BOS.  We had a full afternoon to hang out, so we went shopping.  We headed back to the show site to watch and support the Papillon in the group.  
Janet Wallace came to hang out too.  So we all headed off to dinner, adding Rosemarie Williamson, the five of us had a great time laughing and eating.  Our sides hurt and cheeks hurt from laughing!  What a great evening!
Sunday morning dawned with pouring rain, ugh, the Papillons really hated the wet.  Thankfully it stopped before noon and remained overcast.  We were in the ring about 1:15.  Spencer was WD again and on to BOW and BOB.  Asia was WB and BOS, with Hillary winning the Select Bitch.  Spencer finished his Championship with this win.  We were all very happy!  I showed Spencer in a very tough group and managed a 5th!  What a nice wind up of the weekend.  We each headed home under cloudy but dry skies, Cheryl with her new champion, and Meg and I with great memories!  After dropping Meg off in Bloomington, I headed on down the road, actually seeing the sun peek through the clouds a couple of times and arriving about 8:15 p.m.
How great it is to be home again!   

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More show news

Terry and I went to the DeWitt show on April 2nd.  The wind was cold, but it is definitely spring.  We had good results with Henri winning another point.  Asia won the bitch points and was BOW and BOS.  Hillary was Select so also got a point.  We had lunch provided by the 4-H club with friends and went home. 

When we came home, Terry worked on the guest bedroom, which has slowed due to unforeseen findings when we pulled up the carpet, but the room and ceiling is painted so once the closet is painted the flooring will go down.  I cannot wait to have another room done with my beautiful new wood floors!

Cheryl Brown (TN) wrote of her boys at the Teacup Agility trial, held on Saturday, April 9th, "It was a perfect day for our Felix at the TDAA trial today.  The sweet boy Q'ed in all 5 of his runs (3 Games and 2 Standards).  I messed up Jackson in one run and he messed up in another and so he only Q'ed in the 3 Games." 

Sunday they had yet another trial,  "Fee had another perfect day!" Felix Q'ed in all 9 of his runs.

I drove to DeKalb after work on Saturday.  (ACT test day!)  I had an absolutely lovely evening at my friend, Patti Perkins' home.  Other guests were Annemarie Dehicke and her sister, Pat O'Toole.  Annemarie has my dear Royce, who love the life of an only dog!  It was wonderful to see everyone.  We had a leisure dinner, and then watched to the dogs play.  My three did their best to entertain!  They had so much fun with the Perkins dogs' toy box!   Sunday morning we all went to the dog show.  It was quite humid and warm with severe storms predicted for the day. 

Asia was WB and BOW for another point and Hillary was BOS.  Patti was pressed into service to take Asia back in.  It was her first time experience.  She did very well, but given a lesson on holding the lead by our judge.  Everyone was smiling and enjoying the time.

We visited a bit more had brunch and I drove home without incident. 

Terry had tilled up the new garden, so it is now ready to plant.  We went out to dinner with my sister, Susan and her husband.  The weather changed and the humidity and threat of storms had passed us. 

I have been watching the eagle cam in Decorah with three eaglets each day.  Enjoy!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Squeak's 17th Birthday

CH Loteki Good For Her turns 17 years old today.  "Squeak" lives in Toyko, Japan with her owner, Taeko Suga and her family.  Squeak enjoys a very good life as the so loved and well taken care of family member.
Here she is on her birthday with a new bed, flowers, and a crown. She looks like she wants to take a nap!