Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend News

Cheryl Brown attended AKC agility in Evansville, IN this past Friday and Saturday held by the Agility Club of Evansville. On Friday, Felix (Loteki Total Windfall RAE MXP MJP3) double Q'ed for his 8th PAX leg with two first places. Jackson Q'ed (Ch Loteki Civil Liberties CD RAE MX MXJ) and won  4th place in Jumpers.
Saturday, Fee Q'ed in JWW.Fee DQ again!!! 9 th PAX leg!
Jeannine Rash (PA) wrote the York County Dog Training Club held their trial on Friday. Nicholas (OTCh CH Loteki Ima Firecracker UDX, OM2) won Utility with a 199.5. He now has 212 OTCH points and is #15 all time toy.
Jeannine's other boy, OTCH CH Loteki Surprise Party UDX, OM2, a.ka. Jeffrey is 14th, so now he has to go after that. Nicholas was wonderful in Open too but on the last 5 seconds he went down on the sit. Nicholas did go HIT on Friday.
The big news really is Willie. Cecelia McCann, (Jeannine's sister), showed Willie (Up And Down's Head Over Heels RN) to his first leg in Beginner Novice B--a new optional titling class. Everyone in the building knew Willie so we were all holding our breath when he did the sit for exam! He kept looking for me, but she'd get him refocussed. He had a wonderful and fast recall! He got a huge round of applause--biggest of the day when he finished. Cecelia cried she was so happy and relieved.  (Willie is my CH Up And Down's High Society's littermate.)
Jeffrey finished his Rally Advanced title winning the class with a 99. He got a little out of control after jumping but that is the only point he has ever lost in rally.
Chloe (Loteki Ima Cupcake) won her Rally Nov B class with a perfect 100.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Teacup Agility News

Cheryl Brown (TN) had a great weekend at Greater St Louis Agility Club TDAA trial in Caseyville, IL.  With 9 runs and 9 qualifying scores for Felix over the weekend and Jackson had 8 of 9 qualifying scores!  That is great news!

Felix needs just one more Games qualifying score to get his TACh4!  Way to go!  More agility news in the near future I am sure!

News from Rochester, NY, and Tracy Hancock, "Jillie passed her Canine Good Citizen test the first time through!!!! We worked hard to practice for this and my little Jillie pulled it off. I am so very proud of her!" 

August 14th was my grandson's, Adam, 12th birthday!  Where does the time go!  We had a fun time at Terry's brother's pool.  It was perfect weather and the kids had a great time.  We all had a great time!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Grand Champion

Ms. Asia on the move
What a lovely Saturday morning it is!  Cool and dry!  There is a lot to accomplish today and hopefully I will get some of it done!
I just checked the AKC site and Ms. Asia, Loteki In The Heat Of The Moment is now a Grand Champion!  Her record is 6 majors to complete her title.  I cannot wait to start entering her as GCH Loteki In The Heat Of The Moment!  She has two group placements in a very limited career - since the end of June when she completed her championship and not going every weekend!  I am so proud of her. 
I cannot th  ank JoAnne Paulino enough for allowing me to use her CH Chanceux Some Like It Hot. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

I owe, I owe, it's off to work I go.....

Monday morning and back at work! After 8 weeks off, it is tough getting back in to the routine of getting up, putting the dogs out, and getting things done in a hurry before work.  The dogs will learn to have a bit longer day inside again.

This past weekend I took in two shows in West Burlington, IA.  Friday, Asia was BOB with there being two male specials and another lovely bitch special.  I was happy.  Saturday, we were BOS.  I am thrilled with how well Asia has been doing.

The weather is taking a turn for the better with lower humidity and cooler temps.  Naturally I am back at work! 

Felix doing weave poles
This past Friday, Cheryl Brown wrote that she came home with Double Qualifying runs for both, Felix and Jackson!  She was very pleased as she had taken a leave of absence from AKC agility with the boys, but she feels they are working great.  Spencer had to watch his big 'brothers' compete.  Congratulations!

Monday, August 1, 2011


It's HOT!  This is my last week at home.  Next Monday, I'll be getting back into the swing of things at work!  What a great 7 weeks it has been!
I left on Thursday morning for Ohio.  It was not a good start with everything I touched spilling or falling apart!  I hate mornings like that and they seem to happen when I am in a hurry most!
On the road shortly after 9, I drove to Bloomington, IL to pick up Meg Peifer to start on another excellent adventure.
We arrived in Marion, OH, about 8:45.  We pottied dogs, fed dogs, unloaded and then had a quick bite to eat before settling down.  Friday morning, we had a leisurely morning, time to bath dogs before showing and find the show site.  It was a small entry, but a point available on both sides.  Style (Loteki It's A Good Hair Day) was WB for a point.  BOB was CH Loteki In The Heat Of The Moment.  We took the dogs back to the room after the group was over and set out to go shopping.  We had a good time looking and all sorts of things in different stores and having an excellent dinner at a local Mexican restaurant before heading back to the motel.  The dogs were quiet enjoy the cool. 
Saturday morning, Papillons were a bit earlier, shortly after 11 a.m.  WD/BOW was Vendi, Loteki Raffica Di Vento.  WB was Style and BOB was Asia.  What a day!  The Toy group was midway and we came away with a Group TWO!!! with many multiple BIS toys competing!  I was thrilled.  Asia is such a great show dog, two weekends as a special four BOBs and two group placements!
We stopped at local Papillon owners, Carrie & Ed Hutchman and Louis.  It was lovely to be able to visit their lovely home.  Louis looked fabulous.  He is a lucky dog with a great home! 
Taking the dogs back to the motel again, and off for another fun shopping excursion, after a couple hours, back to the motel, feed the dogs, and then to dinner.  After dinner we relaxed with some happy dogs!

Sunday's show time was again in the afternoon.  The sun was hot, but the humidity was down a bit.  Vendi was WD/BOW again.  Style was reserve.  Asia won a select.  Thankfully we did not have to stay for the group, we quickly pottied everyone, water and ice in the crates, and off we head towards home!  We were making great time until we got to the west side of Indianapolis, where everything stopped.  Apparently NASCAR had taken over Indianapolis with the Brickyard 400 and all the exits off I-465 were closed.  Temps top 101 while we were sitting on I-465 hoping to get off to go west on I-74.  Finally, after no help from the Garmen, or the actual road signs, we made an alternate navigation plan and headed off on I-65 with traffic moving right along until about 15 miles down the road three lanes came to a stop as far as the eye could see.  After looking at the map, I decided to go with my gut and got off at the exit and head the direction I wanted to go.  We went on some narrow two lane roads, which brought us back to I-65 three miles down the road, with traffic moving.  We were off again.  The traffic delays put us about an hour and 20 minutes behind, but we were safe, the dogs were cool and home was again on the horizon.
We arrived at Meg's about 7:45 p.m., we unloaded Meg's dogs and stuff quickly.  My dogs got a pottied break (me, too!), their supper, a quick stop for fuel and we were off again by 8:30. 
I pulled into the drive at 11:45, tired, but happy to be home.  I unloaded the dogs, who took several laps around the yard, got a drink, pottied and were ready to come in.  I said hello to everyone who stayed at home, including Eleanor who was loudly meowing at me, put the guys that were with me to bed and headed there my self, crawling into bed about 12:15 a.m.  It was great to be in my own bed!
Morning started at 6:15, lots to accomplish, including unloading, laundry, cleaning crates and getting settled back in from a long successful weekend.  Love to go, but it is so good to be home!