Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New titles, MACH points and

Rusty with all his ribbons
Judith Klotz (MO) and Rusty (Loteki Im Buddy Crocker) completed his Beginners Novice title this past Friday with yet another first place at the North St. Louis Obedience Club.  I am very proud of Judith, as this is the first dog she exhibited! 

A very tired Snoopy with his loot from the dog shows
On Saturday and Sunday, Judith took her young boy, Snoopy (Loteki Erediti Ilvento) to his first dog show, where he earned 1st place both days and two legs towards his Beginner's Novice title!  Way to go, Judith and boys!  It is great to see new people get into the sport!  I am very proud of Judith and her boys.

Cheryl Brown (TN) had another successful weekend at the agility trials.  Jackson earned 30 plus MACH points!  Great job!  Cheryl is working deligently with Jackson, and the other boys!

Cheryl's friends had a party for Felix for earning his PAX on Sunday.  There was a beautiful cake that had Felix on it.  Felix thought the cake was yummy!

I had a busy week with company from Proctor, MN and Toyko, Japan.  Kelli Alseth drove down for a visit on Sunday.  It was wonderful to have Kelli here and just hang out.  On Monday, Taeko Suga arrived.  It is her second visit to Iowa, this time in the heat of summer.  We were able to sit and visit in the mornings and evenings.  On Tuesday we made a trip to the Amanas.  When Taeko was here several years ago we went to see the Field Of Dreams, which is located just 60 minutes north of me.  We had a wonderful time although all too short. 

Taeko and Hillary at the airport
Taeko returned to Japan with GCh Loteki Down The Garden Path.  It was hard letting Hillary go, but I know what a wonderful home she will have with Taeko and her family. 

Isn't this a photo that melts your heart?

On Friday, I had to make one of those very tough decisions to help an old friend, CH Loteki The Colors In The Wind passed on.  He had been a fisty boy for most of his life.  In the past week he wagged less and did not let us know what was on his mind so much.  Meeko was used very little, but did produce the fabulous three tri girl litter out of CH Loteki By Good Fortune. 

This past weekend we were busy with Sophia visiting.  She stayed overnight both Friday and Saturday night.  She really enjoys the dogs and being out doors.  We took her to the dog show in Iowa City for a short time.  She was full of questions and seemed to enjoy the adventure.  She found this straw hat of mine and wore it everywhere!

We are preparing for really hot humid weather starting today!  I'm thankful I am not off to dog shows, but can enjoy the air conditioning. 

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