Friday, March 23, 2012

Agility News from Tennessee

Cheryl Brown had a good weekend last weekend. She reported that Felix ran all four of his runs cleanly. He was overtime in both Jumpers runs.   He did get his 9th and 10th Standard Q and finished his MXP3
Jackson only Q'ed once on Saturday in Jumpers. This is really weird. Since I brought him back into AKC last June, he has been a little Q'ing machine. The good thing is that he absolutely nailed every set of weaves including two off-side sets of weaves with really hard entries. 

Cheryl also was very excited that Spencer earned his CGC a couple weeks before. 

Congratulations to Cheryl and the boys.

The weather in the Midwest has been unseasonably warm and sunny.  It has inspired us to start some landscaping projects early.  We managed to get patio blocks laid last weekend, completing 1/3 the project, so we finish it and move on to the other two similar projects before the weather gets too warm.

Local shows this weekend and getting packed to leave for the National on Tuesday.  Lots to do, hope we can bring home a point or two and still have time to do all the things that need doing.

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