Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bikini turns 13!!!

August 24th was a very important birthday - CH Loteki Beach Party turned 13 years old. Here she is on her birthday!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Jeannine Rash (PA) wrote that Jeffrey (OTCH CH Loteki Surprise Party, UDX) earned his UDX 2 this past Saturday with a High in Trial and High Combined!! Nicholas (Loteki Ima Firecracker CD) placed third in Open B for his second leg.
On Sunday, Nicholas got second place in Open B to earn his CDX title!
WAY TO GO team Papillonia!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Cheryl Geer had a fabulous weekend at the teacup agility trials!

Saturday, Felix and Jackson were entered in all three Standard runs and one game each. "Jackson qualified in all three Standard runs, earning his TSAD and two legs towards TACH with one 1st place! He also qualified in his Games runs. 4 for 4 for Mr. Jacks! They awarded this beautiful foot-long beautiful purple and white rosette for High in Trial each day for each level. Jackson won the Saturday Superior HIT!!! He had 1 First place, 2 Second places, and 1 Third place. No missed weaves! No mistakes.

"Sunday, we had glitches on the two Standard runs. I wasn't paying enough attention and let him jump off the table on his Stand. He would have WON that class! Dang! On the other standard run, he ran past the up contact on the dog walk. Again, he would have WON that class. He qualified in both of the Games I entered him in on Sunday though with 2nd places. So, he now has 2 Standard legs and 5 Games legs towards his TACH with one 1st place in Standard and one 1st place in Games. He was a really good boy!

"Felix qualified in Gamblers on Saturday and finished his TG3 title! Amazing. I had to stay behind a containment line and send him over a jump to an A-frame and to another jump. He did it! The other possible gambles were too hard for him. This was the easiest but involved his nemesis--the A-frame!!! He only qualified in Standard once in three runs on Saturday. He refused the A-frame on one and he refused the dog walk and teeter on another.

"Sunday, he qualified and got 3rd place in one of the games--Dare to Double or Triple. The weaves were the tripling obstacle and it is something that Felix does very well. He also qualified in the 5th and final Standard run of the weekend and got 1st place! Jackson had the best time but he had missed the up contact of the dog walk. Felix was the only Q and got 1st! Sometimes slow and steady does win the race! So, he finished the weekend with his TG3 title, 2 Standard legs towards his TAM and one leg towards his TMAG."

Monday, August 17, 2009

A fun day in the sun

A hot August afternoon is best spent at the pool and that is what we did! Adam and Trinity are back from their Granma Vickie's after have a terrific time in Missouri.
Danielle and the kids drove to Oxford to spend the afternoon hanging out at Uncle Steve & Aunt Jane's pool. I took the afternoon off of work. Stephanie and Sophia drove down too! Aunt Jane took the afternoon off of work too! What a great family get together!
We had a terrific time splashing, swimming and just floating about the pool. The weather was absolutely perfect for a pool party!
Adam turned 10 on Friday, so we also had an chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream cake to celebrate the big day! We enjoyed a terrific afternoon of hanging out - there are just never enough of them!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Teacup Agility Trials in St. Louis Area

Cheryl Geer (TN) went to Teacup agility trials in the St. Louis area. On Saturday, "both boys Q'ed in 2 out of 3 runs. Felix got 3rd place in one Standard run and was over time in another. Too bad! He was clean and tries so hard. Got to love the Fee. Felix qualified in his Games run on Saturday but didn't place. Saturday, Mr. Jackson ran wild during his first Standard run taking off courses and generally just being a nutball. Then, he pulled it together on his second Standard run and got 1st place! He qualified in his Games run and finished his TG3 title (Teacup Games 3 (Level 3))!

On Sunday, Felix qualified in both of his Standard runs completing his TSAD title! (Teacup Superior Agility Dog). Jackson qualified in one of his two Standard runs with a 2nd place and qualified in both of his Games runs. Since he had finished his TG3 the day before, these two Games Q's count towards his TACH! He got 1st place for the last Games run of the weekend which counts as 1 of the 3 first places in Games 3 needed for TACH! So, all in all, a great weekend! Two titles, one for Jacks and one for Fee. 1 1st place towards Jackson's TACH and 2 Games legs."

Judith Klotz and "Rusty" (MO) went to the trials on both Saturday and Sunday to meet Cheryl and her two boys. Judith has had Rusty just a bit over two months. Judith is interested in agility and obedience, but is new to the sport. I'm so thankful that Cheryl and Stacy Harris took time out to encourage Judith and give her some ideas about training, classes and options! Judith called me on Saturday night after her first meeting and was so excited! Rusty is littermate to Jeannine Rash's Chloe, Fran & Larry Hunter's Teddy and my "Sugar'. It's quite the litter.

Fran sent some photos of Teddy and his 'brothers', today, so I thought I would share. The brothers are Petey, Teddy and GQ, sitting on a park bench.

Kendall and Zac are still looking for homes. They are two very athletic youngsters, who will be 6 months old late this month. Unfortunately, they are on the larger side for me, I am so disappointed as these two are fun loving, happy, outgoing individuals, that give great kisses and wagging tails!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Rascal wins RUN-OFF!

Mary Gail Holcombe (MS) and Rascal had a grand time at the Mandeville, LA show this past weekend. On Saturday, Rascal placed 2nd in Open B with a 197. Mary Gail writes, "We were in a run-off, that I had no idea we would be in, and won it!! Woo hoo, was I proud of this boy!!!

On Sunday we did not do as well, but he qualified. I was so pleased with the fact that I believe he is becoming more comfortable in the ring and more consistent in his performances.

There was something in the motel room that was bothering his eyes - maybe cleaning products or something. By Sunday he had runny eyes and was squinty in bright sun or indoor glare. I think this contributed to his problems on Sunday because he always tries to do things right.
We were also in Wild Card Utility on Saturday. He messed up on his signals, but that was all. We are still working on distractions in new places. Looking for more matches and wild card classes!! Rascal had very positive comments from the judge after the class. She pointed out our weaknesses and said that we were "real close" to being ready."
Rascal is a littermate to Cheryl Geer's Jackson and Donna Scott's Tug. They are half brothers to Ann Jackson's Nito. Their dam, Loteki Royally Outrageous produced two litters of 5 puppies. Nito is out of the first litter sired by CH Cadaga Civil Suit At Involo. Rascal, Jackson, Tug and sister, CH Sequin (owned by Dan & Marlene Edgerton) are from Flannery's second litter sired by CH Loteki Just Be Civil, who is sired by Civil Suit. This is what I feel breeding is about consistent breed type, both in looks, work ethic, and intelligence. I am very proud of everyone of these guys!!!