Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A lot of news

I've been remiss on reporting the comings and goings of Loteki Papillons for the last several weeks. 

The last weekend of April, Jeannine Rash (PA) had a great weekend showing in obedience.  Nicholas (OTCh CH Loteki Ima Firecracker OM2) had sustained an injury and it was his first shows back.  Jeannine showed him in utility two days and he still managed a 4th and a 3rd place.  "The third day he did a great job and went clean and won the class over some really nice dogs. he has beaten 3 top 25 dogs last year for Otch points in the last 4 shows."  He also tried Open for the first time in a while, while he did touch the front board on the broad jump--but he won second in Open. he came home with 21 points. He's up to 181."  What a great comeback weekend!  Congratulations!

The weekend of April 30-May 1st, Cheryl Brown (TN) attended "the TDAA trial in Simpsonville, KY just outside Louisville at the Superdog Dog Center there (nice facilty with spongy agility matting)   On Saturday, Felix was perfect with 2 Standard Q's and 3 Games Q's. On Saturday, he was shaking his head some and seemed off his game. He refused a teeter on one Standard run and took a wrong course into a tunnel on another run. So, he only had one Standard Q and 2 Games Q's on Sunday. 7 of 9 Q's for the weekend. He needs 10 more Standard Q's and 11 more Games Q's for his TACh4.

Jackson did very well when he did Q! :) He Q'ed in three of the 5 Standard runs and had a first place in two of those runs and a 3rd in the other. He Q'ed in all 5 of the Games over the weekend and earned 1st place in two of the five games. He needs 9 more Standard Q's for his TACh4. (He already has his Games Q towards that title.)

Jackson earned his TMAG7 and TAM6 and Felix earned his TAM 6 at that trial. A TMAG is a games title and represents 70 Q's past the Games 3 title. A TAM is the Standard equivalent and a TAM6 is 60 Q's past the TSAD."  What a great weekend!  Two in a row for Cheryl and her boys!
I went to shows in Marshalltown, where there was no competition in Paps, so no points, but I picked up my new Long-coat Chihuahua puppy bitch, Donavins One Gordita To Go Go Please.  She was BOB both days for a point each day.  What fun!

Mother's Day weekend, Molly and Amy Nesselrodt, spent it together attending the Mount Nittany Dog Training Club Agility Trial on Saturday.  Molly and Pippin qualified in their Open Jumpers class for a first place ribbon and a second Q toward that title (they need three to get the Open Jumpers title). In their first try ever in Open Standard, they qualified with a clean run and a very fast time for a Q and a first place ribbon.  Way to go, Molly and Pippin!!!  Congratulations!

On Friday morning, May 13th, our family suffered the loss of Lena, as I posted previously, but I was not allowed to mourn too long, as Rose (CH Loteki Rose From The Ashes) presented me with three beautifully marked, healthy red boys.  All are doing fabulously! 

I went to the Sunday show in Rock Island May 15th, no points again in Papillons, although Gina (Loteki Touch A Rose) beat her sister, CH Loteki Down The Garden Path for BOB so she got a point.  I showed Gordita to BOB, another point, and showed her in the group.  She is a lot of fun!  We received a lot of attention together, along with some very nice comments!

This past weekend Terry and I left Friday night after work to go to Dan and Marlene Edgerton's home in Leavenworth, KS.  We arrive quite late, but safely, pottied dogs and went to bed.  Saturday morning, Marlene helped me bath my two entries, Henri (Loteki Rose To The Throne) and Asia (Loteki In The Heat Of The Moment).  After a wonderful breakfast prepared by Dan, we all went off to the show.  Henri won WD and BOW for two points!  I think he is finally getting the hang of this dog show thing and actually going on lead pretty well, as well as paying attention, showing and baiting!  We went to lunch and then back to the Edgertons to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with the dogs having a great time playing.  Saturday evening we went to dinner, when we came out of the restuarant the sirens were blaring, TORNADO WARNING!  We quickly made it back to the Edgerton's brought all the dogs into the house in the hall way and proceeded to watch the weather for the next couple of hours.  Luckily although there was many scary clouds and some wind, the Edgertons were totally missed.  There were others not so lucky in southern Missouri.

Sunday morning, back to the show, Henri was once again WD for a major!  Asia was WB, BOW and BOS for her second major!  Judy Ingrasin came to the show and we had a nice lunch together afterwards.  Judy video taped some of the judging, so hopefully I will have a link to post soon!  It was so very nice to see Judy and do some catching up, like comparing grandchildren photos and stories.  I hope we will do it more.

After lunch back to the Edgertons to pack up and head home.  What a great weekend with wonderful people and the wins did not hurt!  We did get a call about severe weather in our area, but we were behind it.  Thankfully there was just a lot of wind and rain at home, the dogs were happy to be home and so were we!  What a lovely, lovely weekend.

Friday, May 13, 2011

CH Loteki As Good As It Gets

CH Loteki As Good As It Gets


May 18, 1998 - May 13, 2011

 The dreaded Friday, the 13th.....

When I went to bring the dogs in before work, Lena was sitting in the middle of the patio with her head up and her mouth slightly open. My heart cracked into a million pieces with just one look. I knew where this was going in my head, but my heart did not want to acquiesce to my head. She had been fine last night, she ate her supper, she demanded her time on the couch, and she jumped on it and snuggled in to watch a movie. In a desperate attempt my heart kept saying there has to be something to do to make her comfortable, to help her breath, to make her feel like her ole self.............my head knew it wasn't so.

Lena is gone now. Her place on the bed is now empty.

Lena is one of the three "Goodie girls". She and her littermates were the last litter of CH Loteki By Good Fortune. What a fabulous threesome they were. They turned heads at Papillon events. Each one of them was a beauty, each one of them was a wonderful dog in their own right, but THREE in the same litter, that was incredible! All finishing their championships with multiple BOBs over specials and two 5-point majors on the way to their titles.

Lena was a gentle soul.  She had a regal air about her.  Her outline and poise were outstanding.  She was one of those dogs you just love.  She made you because she was a dear dog.  Her name says it all, she lived up to her name without hesitation or pause in all aspects, she was 'as good as it gets'.

Lena was one CH short of her Dam of Distinction award. Three of her sons, all by different sires, make up the beautiful tri trio on the red velvet couch that has been the inspiration for so many individuals and graces several of my ads and my web site. It is a simply smashingly beautiful trio. Thankfully, I have her children and grandchildren, thankfully, I was graced with her for just short of 13 years.

 Lena moved into the role of matriarch very easily. She came from a long line of queens of the household. I am going to miss her demanding bark, letting us know she was done with her dinner and she wanted to come sit on the couch - NOW! How I will miss her snuggling up right next to me in bed or on the couch, oh how, she loved to be close.

 We love you, Lena. We love you.