Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday News

Sunday, June 27, was another hot day.  We had success with Loteki The Heiress going WB for a point, only one more to go!  Riot  (CH Loteki Civil Uprising) was BOB and GROUP THREE!!! 
Papillons showed early so Terry and I went to the show, showed, came home and started the numerous chores that are aways waiting.  We worked around the house until about 1:15 I called a friend to see the group order.  She said the groups started at 2:00 and Toys were second.  So I got dressed, combed my hair and we loaded up and headed out.  We were stopped at the first of MANY stoplights at 1:48 and I received a call, Toys were FIRST!  OH MY GOD!  We managed to hit every stoplight red.  I was a nervous wreck. At 2:01 I received a text - "They just went in."  We pulled into the fairgrounds at 2:04, there were only three more dogs to go over!  I asked to be allowed in the ring, Riot was not sure what the hell was going on and his around was not a stellar moment.  It was wonderful but embarrassing and certainly not how I like to do things.

We came home and did ribs on the grill, went to Steph & Clay's for a family supper and then out to my sister, Sue & Curt for a short visit. 
It was a busy weekend!  Hope everyone had a good weekend and stayed cool.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

weekend news - Saturday

So far this weekend has been GREAT!
Loteki Down The Garden Path is in Louisana.  She has been WB Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Friday she was also BOS over a bitch special.  Today, she was also BOB over three specials.  I am really excited.  These are Hillary's first shows!  Thank you,  Hiram Stewart!
At the local Hawkeye show, littermate, Loteki Touch A Rose was WB and BOS for her first point.  BOB was CH Loteki Civil Uprising, who won a 4th in the group!  What fun! 
I need to mention that it is hot, hot, hot and I was suffering from wardrobe malifunction!  I am thrilled to be home in the air!  I hope there is more good news to report tomorrow! 

MORE NEWS.......
Jeannine Rash (PA) wrote that CH Loteki Ima Firecracker UD won the Open class and had a 2nd in Utility, for 17 more OTCh points and a fifth UDX leg!

Pat Fallon (PA) wrote that pending UKC confirmation her Gigi is known as UCH URO1 Loteki Gigi RN.  Gigi has also earned her AKC RN!  Congrats to Pat and Gigi!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mr. Fee does it again! TACh Loteki Total Windfall RAE MXP MJP3

On June 13, Cheryl Brown (TN) writes Felix is now (TACh) Loteki Total Windfall RAE MXP MJP3. He finished his RAE title at the Huntsville (AL) obedience/rally trial on June 13. The RAE title is the highest title awarded in AKC Rally obedience and represents 10 double Q's (qualifying in both Excellent B and Advanced B on the same day).

 Felix's accomplishments are so special.  As a youngster he held a lot of promise for all that the world had to offer, but an accident at 9 months of age looked like it would end all that.  That accident at 9 months of age ended his conformation career with a BW/BOB and 2 points and led to months of rehab and then agility as physical therapy. The intent was never intended to really show him in agility. But, he loved it and was good at it and despite his altered movement and his slight head tilt, my agility instructor told me that Felix could do agility and could earn his MXP and MJP (Masters Standard Preferred and Masters Jumpers Preferred). Felix did all of that and more. He earned in AKC agility his NAP, NJP, OAP, OJP, AXP, AJP on the way to his MXP and three MJP titles. Amazing, really.

And, then obedience. I took Felix to a CGC class and he got his CGC. I taught him basic obedience but he (bless him) because of what his injury left him with cannot figure out what straight means and he does have a slightly altered gait so I figured regular obedience wasn't for him. So, we tried rally. I can't say he really enjoyed it but he did it because I asked him to do it and there were treats and lots and lots of praise and he loves both of these.

The RAE will be his last AKC title. He is nearly half way though to his TACh 2 (Teacup Agility Championship 2) title and I'll keep doing TDAA agility with Felix until he tells me that he doesn't want to do it anymore. I don't think that day is near.

And, as for Jackson, he did outscore Felix every run. But, I expect that of him. He got 2nd place in Excellent B on Saturday with a score of 99 (first place also had a score of 99 and was a fraction of a second faster and has an OTCH). Jackson now has 8 RAE legs and should finish that title at our next rally trial in October.

From Saturday, June 19th, Cheryl writesJackson qualified every run and now needs only 3 standard legs for his TACh 2. Felix qualified in both games but dropped a bar in ond Stsndard run and took a wrong course into a tunnel on another. He likes these tiny tunnels.

Cheryl and her boys made some Teacup Agility history a couple months ago as Cheryl's boys earned their TACh on the same day at the same trial.

I have enjoyed some nice wins with Brooke (Loteki The Natural Touch).  She is well on her way to her title by going WB at four of the 5 shows she has been entered at.  We will soon be at the point of needing only majors, which can be a vexing position to be in.  We will keep our fingers crossed. 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sad news

OTCh Loteki My Funny Valentine UDX went over the rainbow bridge on June 10, 2010.  "Gidget" was a very special dog in Jeannine Rash's life. 
I remember when we talked about what Jeannine wanted, I wasn't sure that Gidget fit.  For one thing she was a half face and Jeannine liked symmetry as an artist.  Gidget fit just fine.
Gidget started her life out as Janie.  She was one of a three girl litter.  Her littersisters both obtained their conformation championships
Gidget was featured in a video sold by Gerianne Darnell, as a young puppy.
Gidget retired the High In Trial trophy offered at PCA National Specialties in three straight shows.  She had multiple, multiple HITs and high combineds. 
There are once in a life time dogs the come into our lives, Gidget definitely was one in Jeannine and Keith Rash's life.