Monday, March 23, 2009

Agility News from Tennessee

Cheryl Geer (TN) had a great agility weekend in Harriman, TN. Felix earned his 8th MJP3 leg today and Jackson picked up his 3rd double-Q! Yippee! What great results!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


The weather in the Midwest is what it is - unpredictable! On March 10th, we had very cold, raw wins from the NW that froze everything. Kelli & Jeff Alseth of Proctor, Minnesota, arrived just before I arrived home from work with their crew in their motorhome. We loaded all my 'stuff' and then sat down to eat wonderful thick cut, grilled Iowa chops, a specialty at the King house, fresh asparagus and brownies. We let the dogs have one last run and then loaded them up and were on the road shortly after 8:00 p.m.
We pulled off about 10:30. The wind was just too strong. It was so cold! We pottied dogs and went to bed. We were back on the road about 4-4:30 a.m., the wind still blowing, but not quite as fiercely. We arrived in Louisville just after 9:00. We were all settled by 11:00. We were looking forward to four days of dog shows in the same spot and better weather.
Thursday, dawned with gray skies, but not quite as much wind. Papillon judging was late morning with Mr. Edd Bivin officiating. I was lucky to have won the BBE class with Loteki The Heiress and then to win the Open bitch class with Loteki Ima Heiress. Rachel was Winners Bitch and Best of Winners. What a nice start! Jeff was invaluable to me in assisting getting everyone in the ring!
Friday morning, our judge was Jackie Stacy, Loteki Inherit The Wind won the BBE dog class and went on to win the major in dogs! Unfortunately, Regal decided that two times in the ring was enough for him and made a very disappointing showing in the BOB class. Friday's weather was spring like, what a nice change after the bitter cold of Tuesday night and Wednesday!
Saturday morning the gray skies prevailed and then it started raining. Papillon judging was late in the afternoon, when my crew is use to sleeping. Rachel did win the large Open bitch class, and went RWB. Kelli & Jeff were busy in the agility ring, winning 3 different Qs on two different dogs!
Sunday morning, again we awoke to gray skies, I was ready to head home, but prepared my dogs for a late morning ring call. Terry Stacy (Jackie's husband) judged the breed. Loteki Ima Heiress won a very large Open bitch class. My heart was pumping as she just need to go WB to complete her champion requirements and in BIG style with a FIVE point major! Mr. Stacy gave Rachel the nod! YIPPEE!!! Rachel was also Best of Winners.
While taking our finishing photo, Mr. Stacy was very complimentary of Rachel. He went on to tell me how she fit the standard, complimenting her on her beautiful head, topline, ears, fine bone, showmanship and movement! A wonderful way to wind up the weekend.
I hope that Rachel will continue to mature and growing coat and fringe. She is a lot of fun to show, never letting down! Rachel seems to know that she has a new title - CH LOTEKI IMA HEIRESS! Thanks Kelli for your help in getting everyone in the ring!
When we took everyone back to the motorhome, for a quick potty and then loading the crates, making all the final preparations to leave for the 8 hour drive home in absolutely beautiful weather. We saw people walking in shorts and sleeveless, one gentleman was fishing shirtless!
We pulled into the driveway about 8:00 p.m. Unloading went quickly. The dogs that had made the trip were so happy to run! They spent an hour just running. I was happy to be home too!
It was great to see my 15 week old puppies, Crocker and Sugar, they were happy to see me to, as all the dogs were! Felicia's babies had opened their eyes while I was gone and grown!
Back to work on Monday, another spring like day of temperatures in the lower 70s! Hope you are enjoying springlike weather where ever you are!

Monday, March 9, 2009

NEW UD TITLE and more weekend news

Great news from Dorie Madsen and Colby this past weekend! Colby earned his third leg for his UD! YIPPEEE! Way to go, Colby, now LOTEKI PLAYING WITH FIRE UD!!!
This is a video of the two of them - with Colby's Utility on the second page.
I had some great luck in Columbia, Missouri, this past Saturday and Sunday. My Loteki Ima Heiress, a.k.a. Rachel, was WB/BOW/BOS under judge Norman Patton for four points, on Saturday. On Sunday, Loteki Inherit the Wind (a.k.a. Regal) won the dog points. Rachel won the bitch points, unfortunately the 5 point major in dogs was broken down to only 2 points! What a disappointment, but that's dog shows! Rachel just needs a major to finish. This was Regal's first points, but I am certain they won't be his last, now that he is semi-leash trained!
We received 2-3 inches of rain here at home overnight on Saturday! More flooding, but let's hope nothing like last June!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Agility

Chery Geer wrote about her agility weekend in Murfreesboro, TN. On Saturday, both, Felix and Jackson qualified in Jumpers! YEA! Felix ran the course in 9 seconds under his Preferred time! Way to go, FELIX!!!
Jackson picked up 7 points!

On Sunday, Jackson double-Q'ed -his 2nd double-! He was 4th place in Standard too. Jackson Q'ed 3 out of 4 runs, messing up in the other run on his weaves.

Felix q'ed 1 out of 2 runs. Cheryl admitted to messing Felix up on Sunday in Jumpers and made him miss his weave entry. DARN!

Congratulations on a great weekend!