Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Great Summer Weekend in Wisconsin

Finally a brief break in the oppressive summer heat and humidity!  Who would have thought that 90 plus would be considered cool!

I left Thursday afternoon in the upper 90s to drive to Waukesha.  I was to judge the Chihuahua sweepstakes on Friday.  I had a nice entry of 7 smooths and 13 long coats. 

Friday morning dawned sunny, but there had been rain on Thursday so the grounds were very wet.  The grass was also quite long.

My Best In Sweeps was a Smooth Coat puppy from the 6-9 class - Dartan The Spark Continues.  I would have taken this little guy home!  What a showman.  He was beautifully presented by Darwin Delaney.

Best of Opposite Sex to Best In Sweeps was a lovely Long Coat bitch from the 9-12 class, Hurd N TLC's Affair To Remember, shown by Laurie Thompson.

It was a lovely group of Chihuahua puppies and the decisions were tough!  It was fun!!!

I spent the day talking to friends, watching different breeds and getting my feet muddy!  UGH!!!

Wind blown Pia finishing her AKC Championship
Saturday, Papillons were not on until afternoon.  I spent a leisurely morning, grooming, and taking my time.  By the time we were in the ring, the lovely cooler temps and low humidity had really heated up and it was darn right hot again!!!  Loteki The Sun On My Face was first in and won the BBE class.  He is such a easy dog, moves since and shows like a million bucks.  He won WD!  YEA!  Next in was Pia, who also won the BBE class of bitches.  She went on to WB to complete her title!  With Pia's Championship, her dam, CH Loteki The Wind In My Hair, a.k.a. Lana, qualifies for her dam of merit award!   Pia completed her title completely from the BBE class!  Grant, who is also out of Lana, was BOW.  

I also showed CH Loteki The Winds Of Change, yet another Lana kid, managed to win the Select points.  

What a great day!!!

Sunday was an early morning, with an 8:30 a.m. ring time.  The morning was lovely and there was a major in bitches.  Pia had finished the day before so I left her in her crate, electing to concentrate on Grant and Spencer.

Grant winning his 2nd major at just 10 months
Grant was the only BBE dog, and went on to WD.  I was able to find someone to take him back in for Breed, where he was BOW for 3 points!!!  His second major at 10 months, all points from the BBE class!!  Spencer was Select, so it was a grand day!   We were in the van on the way home by 11!  It was great to get home early-ish!

Sunday night we had a lovely grilled salmon supper at Clay, Stephanie's with Clay's father, Dion Melton.  It was wonderful!!!  Thank you for inviting us.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Snoopy earns his first obedience title

Judith Klotz (MO) was excited to report that Loteki Erediti Ilvento, a.k.a. "Snoopy", received his BN title this past weekend at Purina Farms. 

Judith writes, "I thought it was quite appropriate that Snoopy received his Beginner Novice title at the Cocker Spaniel National Specialty, since historically (as you well know), before the 19th century, the Papillon (a.k.a. the "Toy Spaniel") was named; the "Continental Spaniel", the "Squirrel Spaniel" (curly tail), the "Titian Spaniel" (red and white, drooping ears like today's Phalenes).... ha-ha! I had a fun telling this to some of the competitors... most had no idea my Papillon was of Spaniel descent!"

Congratulations, Judith and Snoopy!  I am very proud of you both!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Champion - GINA

Jeannine Rash (PA) had a great weekend after several months off with her OTCh CH Loteki Ima Firecracker UDX2.  Nicolas was HIT from Open B on Saturday with a 198.5.  Sunday, he was 2nd in Utility, and earned his first UDX3 leg.

I drove to Marshall, MI, for three days of shows.  I left Thursday afternoon, with hopes that the majors in bitches would hold.  When arriving at the show site, I found out the one of the bitches had finished and had been moved up.  Loteki Touch A Rose needed 5 points including a major, so I figured I would see how the shows went.  I had decided on the way up that I would most likely pack up and drive home on Saturday.  Friday, Gina was WB for 2 points, the illusive 2nd major had slipped away.

Saturday, Gina was again WB, but also BOS/BOW and best BBE beating another bitch champion, qualifying now as a major!  YEA!  Gina is now CH Loteki Touch A Rose!  She was thrilled with her extra piece of chicken and snuggling on the couch, once we got home.

The trip home was hot and tiring, I was very happy.  Terry was very happy to have me home a day earlier than initially thought.  I spent the day taking photos of puppies, playing with Sophia and relaxing.  It's great to be home!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend news

Home from my first dog show weekend in a month, it was a good one!  Friday I left with two dogs to go to DeKalb, IL for two all-breed shows and two specialties.  It was over 100 and the third day in a row for that type of heat.

Saturday at the all-breed, Pia (Loteki Una Piccola Brezza) won the BBE bitch class, going on to winning Winner's Bitch and BOW for FOUR points!

Later Saturday at the Greater Chicagoland Specialty, Loteki The Sun On My Face, a.k.a. Grant, won the BBE class of 7 and then went on to WD for FIVE points!  He also was BOW and Best BBE!  Grant is just 10 months old.  A huge storm rolled in while we were in the ring and I failed to notice! 

Pia and Grant are half-siblings, as both of them are out of CH Loteki The Wind In My Hair, Lana has produced some very lovely children with CH Loteki The Winds Of Change, littermate, CH Loteki It's A Good Hair Day and GCH Loteki In The Heat Of The Moment already in the ring and a few others waiting in the wings. 

Sunday the weather was much cooler and less humid - what a beautiful day!  At the 2nd all-breed, Pia was once again winner of the Bred-By Exhibitor class.  She went on to be Winners Bitch for her 2nd four point major of the weekend and her third major!  Just a couple points to go! 

It was a great weekend spend with wonderful friends.  Patti Perkins is the ultimate hostess! 

Cheryl Brown was excited to report that Jackson is continuing to work successfully towards his MACH with 16 points, a 1st in Standard on Saturday.  He also earned 10 points and a 2nd in Jumpers!  Sunday he won 17 points and another 1st in Standard!  A great weekend for Cheryl and Jackson - CONGRATULATIONS!