Thursday, June 7, 2012

Felix has a great weekend! Sophia does too!

Cheryl Brown (TN) had a great weekend in Louisville.  She writes, "I've almost recovered now from my trip to Louisville and need to sit down and write about Felix. If ever a dog deserved a brag, it's this one.

You know his story so I don't need to talk about that. You understand all that he has had to overcome and how much heart this little boy must have to be able to have done all of this. It brings tears to my eyes. He just tries so hard every time you ask you to do something.

Anyway, I had a feeling that Friday might be his day. There was something different about him. I got him out to be with me ring side and was feeding him treats. We must have done this hundreds of times before. This time, he was rearing up on his hind legs to get the treats. I have never seen him do that. Jackson does it. Spencer will do it. Fee doesn't. He politely waits for his treats or he will put his front paws on my legs maybe if he is really wanting a treat. This seemed different.

He likes the kind of surface they have at the Derby City site. It's nice padded astroturf and it must be easier to run on for him. The courses looked promising. There were pinwheels but they were loose ones and the courses were such that I could get to the outside and run. Fee likes me to run as hard as I can run and he then strides to stay up with me. Running in place or running slowly on the inside has never worked with him. These courses looked good. And, they were!

Felix, the two judges and Cheryl - all very happy!
In Standard, Fee ran the course 5 seconds under Preferred course time (which means he ran it in Regular course time). For Fee, that is fast! In Jumpers, his weaves were slower but accurate (as always) and he crossed the finish line jump 1 second under his Preferred course time. PAX!!!!!!!!!!

I picked him up and kissed him. Yes, there were tears and not only mine. Friends were tearing up too. They knew his story and had watched us together for years. They understood what this meant, what he means to me, and how much I love him and wanted this last title for my wonderful wonderful Fee.

It will be so strange not be run him anymore. But, I wanted him to finish like this, stretching out and running, beautiful ear fringe flying behind him, and a smile on his face. Thank you, Fee.

Felix will continue to train with me weekly at class and I'll run him in Teacup Agility. He's well on his way to his TACh5 there.

So, Felix is now Loteki Total Windfall BN RAE PAX MXP3 MJP5 and in TDAA TACh4. I think that's the right order, obedience, rally, agility."

Here is Felix YouTube video link -

Fee has been a story of heart.  I tear up thinking of what he has been through and how he quietly and faithfully comes through.  Congratulations to Cheryl and many hugs, kisses and treats for Felix!

Terry and I had a busy weekend at home.  Friday was Terry's nephew, Austin's graduation party.  What a fabulous party, great food and decorations! 

Sophia on stage at her dance recital
Then off to Sophia's dance recital, which was really fun.  The parking was crazy but the costumes and the music was great and of course, the performances were wonderful.  So many talented kids! 

Saturday we went again and really enjoyed the show again!

We had our furnace blow up on the Sunday before Memorial Day, so a new furnace was installed this week. 

Our orange and white tabby was missing for several days, turned up Tuesday with some very obvious injuries, the main one is a broken jaw, so we are nursing him.  Poor Al, such a sweet cat and he looks so rough, but he is loving and sweet, so how could we not try.  Keeping my fingers crossed. 

To top it all off I have been dealing with an infection on my jaw - really odd, terrible to look at, very uncomfortable and it is going away all too slow, considering how quickly it developed. 

All in all life is good, little bumps.  Saturday is the last ACT for the testing year and then, I will have 8 weeks off.  Lots to accomplish!  I'm looking forward to it on many levels and not so much on one or two others!  Puppies to watch grow and train, a garden to keep, as well as all my flowers!  I'll be busy for certain!

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