Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mid-July...it's hot, hot, hot

I cannot believe it is already mid-July!  My summer if flying by and I'm not off to many shows!

I did drive to the Fort Dodge shows mid-June picked up the first point on Natasha, Loteki Let My Hair Down.  Grant won another major towards his Grand Championship.

The next weekend the shows were held in Iowa City. Grant was BOB each day.  Glamour was WB/BOW on Sunday.  It was great to be close to home.  Helen & John Schultz were down so was able to see Scout.  He is so glamorous with his fringing! 

Sheri Cassen (IL) wrote that she and Lizzie had a great weekend at the agility trial with 5 qualifying runs out of 6.  So she has two legs towards her Open Standard degree (must have one other judge as she qualified 3 times), and 2 legs towards her JWW.  Sheri was so thrilled with Lizzie's confidence and speed.  She said they will have more fun to come!  Looking forward to hearing more great reports!

At the Agility Club of Evansville, Jackson was 6 for 6 with all first places and Spencer was 1 for 1!  Cheryl is really having a great summer with Jackson and Spencer!

Terry was off work the week of the fourth.  He was kept busy painting the house, still have the foundation, the garage and then the trim, but it is coming along.  It looks all fresh!  Thankfully the weather was not like last year!

Friday after the 4th, I drove over to friend, Patti Perkins, in DeKalb, IL.  I always have a great time at Patti's.  I attended the two Greater Chicagoland Papillon club specialties.  Ms. Glamour was WB/AOM and Best BBE on Saturday for 4 points under Kent Delaney.  On Sunday we had Tim Catterson, she again was WB, this time BOW and again best bred by to become  CH Loteki It's A Glamorous Updo! with three specialty wins!

In Dallas the same weekend, Mary Gail Holcombe called on Saturday to report that McGee was WD for FIVE points!  She was so excited.

On the way home from DeKalb, I received an email from my Aunt Marleen.  She reported that my Uncle Roger had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  He was already in hospice care and comfortable.  One Tuesday evening, he had passed away.  This is the last of my father's siblings.  Terry and I had visited with Roger and Marleen at their home this past December.  We have lovely memories and some nice pictures. 

Saturday night, Terry became ill when we were had just went out to dinner.  We ended up in the ER.  They kept him and he has spent four nights in the hospital so far.  I hope he will be released tomorrow.  It appears at this time that he has been affected by vertigo, so there will be a period where he will have to retrain the nerves in his brain to work around the damaged nerves in his inner ear.  They did other tests while he was there, no news at this point.

I had great news from Optigen, where I submitted DNA samples for Lana, Rose and Nelson to see if they carried the PRA1 gene, all three came back 'NORMAL'.  Happy days!!!

This past Sunday, Mary Gail called again, even more excited as McGee had won his 2nd major and now was CH Loteki Rose To The Challenge!  YA!  Thank you, Hiram Stewart, for your expertise!

Cheryl Brown (TN) and Jackson have been burning put the agility ring!  I cannot keep up with the reports!

Finally, my new endeavor....Papillon Revue, a magazine devoted to the Papillon goes to the printer this week.  I am so excited!  I cannot wait to see it in print!