Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The first time in the ring! TA DAH!

Judith Klotz (MO) wrote me that she took the dive - she has been training Rusty for a couple of years.  The first time with competition in the back of her mind, as she always trained her dogs, well, she did it!!!  She entered and went to her first two trials this past weekend.

Rusty and his rosettes - quite the haul!!
At the Greater St. Louis Training Club, Inc., she and "Rusty", a.k.a. Loteki Im Buddy Crocker, entered the Beginner Novice A class under judge, Paula Barras.  They earned a 193 and FIRST PLACE!!!  YEA!!!

On Sunday, Rusty and Judith earned a 192 and second place in Beginners Novice A, under Judi James. 

So in their first two tries, they earned two legs.  I am very proud of Judith and Rusty!  I also am thrilled to have new fanciers in the sport!  Way to go Team Rusty!

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