Monday, April 2, 2012

National #30 in a row

Pia in the bag she won for going Best BBE
Another National is over.  This year it was in Seattle.  It is quite the trip, but Gibbs, Pia and I made it in fine style. 

We left Cedar Rapids on Tuesday and arrived in Seattle without incident.  Luckily, JoAnne Paulino arrived a short time later and we took the shuttle to the hotel together.

We met Meg Peifer and then off to the store for refreshments and supplies.

Sweeps was on Wednesday.  We watched all the puppies and Veterans compete and then had a great get together in our room to talk Papillons.  It was wonderful!

Thursday was dogs.  Our judge was former breeder, Kenneth di Lorenzo.  I was very proud to have Gibbs (Loteki For The Good Of The Team) win the 9-12 puppy dog class.  He is his silly self, although he shows beautifully. 

Friday was bitches and Pia (Loteki Una Piccola Brezza ) won the BBE class I was so happy.  She is such a serious little gal in the ring!

Saturday was BOB and all the non-regular classes.  BOB went to a bitch this year.  Non-regular classes such as best puppy, best veteran, etc. were judged afterward.    Pia and I were lucky to win Best BBE.

Saturday night a banquet was held, which was well attended.  Packing and up early for the flight home, it was a short week full of beautiful Papillons, a nice venue, great friends, and a lot of laughs.  I am looking forward to next year in Louisville, KY.

It is so good to be home!

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