Monday, April 26, 2010

A sad day - CH Loteki Clairvoyant 7-3-95 to 4-26-10

Today, started as no one wants a Monday morning to begin. I had to help Claire pass over. It was a very tough decision, but she had lost her wagging tail. I did what she loved best and that was to hold her in my arms.

It's been a difficult several months to make sure she would eat, as she became more and more selective about what she ate. We got very creative, but she would wag and be so happy to see whatever you came up with. Saturday morning she enjoyed vanilla ice cream.

Claire and her brother, Telly, CH Loteki Foretell The Future, were the last litter of my dear, Gypsy, CH Loteki Denzel Fortuneteller DOD. They were a fabulous litter and did their dam proud.  They were the first litter of their sire, Charles, BISS A/C CH Loteki Good Time Charlie, SOM.

Sadly, Claire had only one living puppy, Noah, who lives a grand life in an only dog home.  I was lucky to have her grace our home for all of her years.

Claire will be missed by us.  She loved sitting on the couch curled up on my lap or sitting on Terry.  She was a grunt-er and would give big sighs when she was settled into her position.  She was a grand old lady, sweet and happy. I will miss her dark eyes and her mush face, but mostly I will miss her sweet demeanor and her wagging tail.

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