Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Cheryl Brown (TN) is so excited about her weekend in Decatur, Illinois!  She just returned home from a long but easy drive back from the JFF of Central Illinois TDAA trial. Wonderful weekend up in Illinois. Spring-like weather and really nice people up there. Cheryl wrote, "Paul Jensen, trial chair, announced Saturday morning that I got the prize for the person travelling farthest to come to their trial!"
Cheryl writes - Saturday, we had four runs, skipping the last Game which was Jumpers Call Direct Send (we don't do gambles). We played Wildcard and both boys qualified. We played Tag 10 and both boys qualified. Felix placed third beating Jackson who had a glitch trying to take a wrong course. Then, two Standard courses and the boys qualified on both of those. Jackson got a 2nd on one and a 3rd on the other. So, they qualfied in every run! End of first day--Felix needed one more Games Q and Jackson needed one more Standard Q to TACh.

Sunday, Jackson was feeling it! He came in the building barking at everyone and barked and spun through the obstacle familiarization. The first run was a Game--Blackjack. If Felix qualfied, he would TACh!!!! Felix did qualify and we had our TACh run! Amazing really! Who would have ever thought that Felix could accomplish so much! But, Felix tries and tries and tries so hard. I love him so much. There we were doing a short little TACh run over a few jumps and through a chute--things that Felix likes to do. My Mr. Fee was a Teacup Agility Champion. :)

Next run was a Standard run and the hardest course of the weekend with 180's and sharp turns to obstacles and a down on the table (which Jackson hates). I figured we would have to wait for the next run to qualify and finish Jackson's TACh. But, no! Jackson went right into a down on the table and sailed around the course taking another 1st place! Another TACh! Jackson loved the applause and did a few cute spins and barked at the crowd while doing a few jumps to impress the crowd of his new fans. He loved the adoration!

Jackson qualified in all 8 runs and got all first places on Sunday. Felix qualified in 6 of his 8 runs. Jackson finished his TAM and his TACh and Felix finished his TMAG and his TACh. We got TACH bars with a cute TACH decal around the middle with teacups on it, huge ribbons, and a second huge rosette/sash for the dog to wear (too big for Papillons). The Trial Chair took loads of photos.

The boys are now know as TACH Loteki Total Windfall RE, MXP, MJP3, a.k.a. Felix and TACH CH Loteki Civil Liberties RE, MX, MXJ a.k.a. Jackson.

Congradulations on a fabulous weekend!  They do not get much better than that!

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