Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday News

Sunday, June 27, was another hot day.  We had success with Loteki The Heiress going WB for a point, only one more to go!  Riot  (CH Loteki Civil Uprising) was BOB and GROUP THREE!!! 
Papillons showed early so Terry and I went to the show, showed, came home and started the numerous chores that are aways waiting.  We worked around the house until about 1:15 I called a friend to see the group order.  She said the groups started at 2:00 and Toys were second.  So I got dressed, combed my hair and we loaded up and headed out.  We were stopped at the first of MANY stoplights at 1:48 and I received a call, Toys were FIRST!  OH MY GOD!  We managed to hit every stoplight red.  I was a nervous wreck. At 2:01 I received a text - "They just went in."  We pulled into the fairgrounds at 2:04, there were only three more dogs to go over!  I asked to be allowed in the ring, Riot was not sure what the hell was going on and his around was not a stellar moment.  It was wonderful but embarrassing and certainly not how I like to do things.

We came home and did ribs on the grill, went to Steph & Clay's for a family supper and then out to my sister, Sue & Curt for a short visit. 
It was a busy weekend!  Hope everyone had a good weekend and stayed cool.

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