Tuesday, October 5, 2010

CONGRATULATIONS to Molly and Pippin

Amy Nesselrodt DVM (PA) writes about the family's camping trip to the Wine Country agility trials.  It was a very soggy trip!  Daughter, Molly ran Pippin, who really hates getting wet!   Don't we all!  The following was taken from Amy's email about the weekend.

"Well....that little Pap was all heart (or else he thought "the sooner I get this done, the sooner I can return to a warm lap") and he had his fastest time (yards per second) ever with a clean round to finish his title!

The rain did not stop until in the night. The next day everything was squishy and muddy. I asked Molly if she wanted to try again or instead go have fun with "the boys.  Molly said she wanted to try again.

The show grounds were awful. Now even the back row of crates were rain slogged. My crate spot, the last one picked, seemed to be a high spot and underneath us it was dry but all around us there was mud and standing water. The rings were awful: sucking deep sticky mud and standing water. Jumpers class was first. I didn't think Pippin would do it for Molly. Well...once again he proved me wrong and had a clean round!

In standard class Pippin once again did everything Molly asked but the teeter, which would not go down, too much mud in the hinges? So he jumped off and got an F. What else could he do? The darn thing stayed suspended in air.

Molly and Pippin showed up Luke and I again. They got their first Q in Fast (first try too!)." 

Pippin went home as Loteki High Flyer, NA, NJ, NJP.  Molly did a super job!

Congratulations to Molly and Flyer on their super weekend!

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