Wednesday, June 1, 2011

TDAA weekend in Tennessee

From Cheryl Brown, "Jackson was perfect on Saturday!  He got his TACh4 (25 Standard and 25 Games Q's past TACh3) and Q'ed every one of his 5 runs (3 Standards and 2 Games).

On Sunday, he took a vacation and decided to only Q once. :) Felix got a slow start on Saturday with only 2 Standard Q's and 1 Games Q but then did great on Sunday and got 2 more Standard Q's and 1 more Games Q. 

I was really proud of the Fee on the last game--Four-Leaf Clover. I did a lead out, leaving him on a sit-stay and walked out past 4 jumps in a straight line. He held his stay and came right to me over the 4 jumps. What a good Fee! The rest of the game had you stay within the center of the "leaves of the clover" and send the dog over a jump into a tunnel without passing the jump. Fee did that 4 times! He was perfect!"

Sounds like a great weekend, I stayed home from shows and did some work around the house.  Sunday we had a major storm move through and lost electricity for about 5 hours.  Back to work on Tuesday morning.....only a 4 day work week, YES!

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