Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

A great weekend away!  Lots of news!

After several days of intense heat and humidity last week, Thursday and Friday we received inches of rain and cooler temperatures.  Saturday morning was cool and damp again, off to work for the last ACT of the year.  I got off work at noon, came home, bathed the puppies, loaded the van and off to Minnesota for a birthday picnic at my friend, Gretchen Hofhein-Wackerfuss.  We have celebrated our birthdays together for several years, her's on the 7th and mine on the 11th.  I arrived about 6:15 in time for hamburgers fresh off the grill!  Yum!  I was hungry.  She had purchased a fabulous cake from a special bakery in Minneapolis.  My friend, Donna Erickson, brought a special bottle of wine, too.  What a lovely relaxing evening.

Sunday morning, I got up and bathed and groomed my dogs for the show.  We were not in the ring until after 1:15.  Once the dogs were bathed and groomed, it was my turn.  Then, Gretchen fixed us both some eggs and toast!  Yum, it really hit the spot!

We left for the show, picked up her father and arrived shortly after noon. 

I had a great day at the show with my Chihuahua, Donavins One Gordita To Go Go Please, was WB and BOS for another point at her 4th show.  She has been shown 4 times, 3 BOBs and 1 BOS, and a total of 4 points now!

Papillons were right after Long Coats.  Henri, Loteki Rose To The Throne, was his typical ADHD self, a bit out of control, but I was able to get him together a bit, and finally get him under control for a beautiful last go around.  He was WD for a point.  Next in was Asia, Loteki In The Heat Of The Moment, she won the BBE class and was WB, BOW, BOS for a point, closing in on the championship, one more to go!  Last but not least, I showed Nelson, a.k.a.  CH Loteki For The Good Of Mankind, who was BOB! 

At the show was Mary Waller *MN) and Loteki Just Blew Into Town CDX, a.k.a. Gunny, showed up at the Pap ring before we showed.  They had great news, Gunny, as earned two utility legs, with scores in the 190s!  Way to go Gunny!  Unfortunately, much to Mary's chagrin, Gunny decided to take the bar jump twice or would have had his third leg!  I am sure they will earn that title very soon!

Kerstin Hokanson, another Gemini, showed up ringside too.  It's been a while since I've seen Kerstin, but it is always wonderful to have a chance to visit.

Amy Nesselrodt (PA) wrote that her daughter, Molly (age 11) and Pippin, a.k.a. Loteki High Flyer NA NJ NJP NAP finished Pippin's Open Agility Preferred title with a FIRST PLACE at the Williamsport Dog Training Club agility trial on Sunday.  Molly and Pippin have turned into quite a team!  Congratulations! 

I am now a woman of 'leisure' for the next 8 weeks, so off to start my long list of 'to do', first to pot my flowers and a few more vegetables!  Today looks beautiful!

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