Wednesday, June 29, 2011

AKC Agility

From Cheryl Brown (TN) reports from their first AKC trial since Jan 2010, on June 17 & 18 in Paducah, KY. 

They did not come away with any Double Q's but close each day.  "On Friday, Felix was easily cruising to a double Q and I didn't support one of the closing jumps well enough and he went around it. Oops! My fault!"

Saturday, Jackson was sailing towards a double Q but Cheryl bent over and sent him into the wrong end of a tunnel. Oh no! 
Felix was the only 4" dog running Excellent, since the other two dogs scratched. So, he did get first place for both of his runs. He ran well though and seemed really happy to running full-out again after all the TDAA trials.

Jackson didn't have much competition on Friday and then everyone came in for the weekend on Saturday. He did get first place on Friday, beating a MACH Bichon by 5 seconds.  With the mulipliers in effect, he brought home 34 points on that one run!  SUPER!  On Saturday, he Q'ed again in Standard and ran very well, earning another 12 pts. but no placement."

A good weekend overall!

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