Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

I hope everyone is celebrating the birth of our nation today.  We need to hold precious the rights our forefathers set out as a premise of this country - Freedom of Speech, the Press, and Religion.

I went to Chihuahua specialties over the weekend in Illinois with Gordita's breeder, Donna Erickson.  We had a lovely time despite the oppressive heat and humidity.  Thankfully the venue was air conditioned!  The club put on a luncheon for all exhibitors both days, which is always so very nice!

Best in Sweeps
Saturday Gordita (Donavin's One Gordita To Go Go Please) won her 6-9 class in Sweeps and went on to Best of Opposite Sex to Best LC in Sweeps.  She also won her 6-9 regular class and on to Reserve Winner's Bitch under judge, Cathy Gish.  We were happy. 

Saturday night the club held a banquet and a fun auction.  An enjoyable evening!

Sunday dawned a bit cooler.  Gordita again won her 6-9 sweeps class, but today she went on to Best Long-Coat puppy and then on to Best In Sweeps Chihuahua!!!  What a thrill!  I was floating on air with this lovely win.  

BOW for FIVE points
In the regular classes, Gordita gain won her 6-9 class.  She was showing very well.  We went in for WB.  She decided she was in a frisky mood and wanted to get to the other Chihuahua's in the ring on her down and back.  I finally got her attention and managed to get her to complete her 'back'.  We went around the ring a couple more times.  As we were lined up and the judge was studying each of the little girls' outlines, Mr. Bradley Jenkins, a Chihuahua breeder, walked over and pointed to us!!!!  WOW!  I couldn't believe it!  I was very surprised.  Donna was surprised, too!  We both were just a bit emotional over the win!  What a great win for our little girl!  We finished up the day with BOW for 5 points!  What a thrill for her to have such a lovely win.  I received many nice compliments, as well as several people offering to steal her away!  We floated home with big smiles, lots of nice prizes, including crate pads and beds, as well as a tall stack of rosettes!

Meg Peifer took some videos and has uploaded them to YouTube.  Here is the link -

Next weekend I'm off to the Chicagoland Papillon specialties.  Crossing my fingers for more good news! 

Enjoy your week!

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