Monday, July 4, 2011

A heavy heart

With a tears streaming down my face and a very heavy heart, I read the email I never wanted to receive from my dear long-time friend, Taeko Suga.  "Squeak passed away."

CH Loteki Good For Her
April 11, 1994 - July 4, 2011
17 years, 2 months and 23 days old

Squeak was a part of the Suga family of Toyko, Japan.  She lived the life of a treasured family member.  I know she always had the best of everything.  My heart breaks, but I know that my good friend, Taeko and her family are suffering more from the loss of their family member.

Good bye, Squeak, I know you are playing with your rugby ball!


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  1. Our hearts are breaking here in Northern Minnesota for Meg and her family.
    The Suga family has been part of our family from the day Meg took Squeak home, the beautiful littermate to our precious Sneakers.
    We have shared laughter and tears throughout the years!
    Squeak lived life as the PRINCESS she was!
    She will be sorely missed around the world!

    The Alseths