Friday, February 25, 2011

Nicholas continues his winning ways

Jeannine Rash (PA), wrote about trials the last weekend in January.  OTCh CH Loteki Ima Firecracker, UDX, a.k.a. Nicholas won Utility.  The win was worth 10 OTCH points. OTCh CH Loteki Surprise Party UDX2, a.k.a. Jeffrey only was shown in Open, he won second. 

Saturday, January 29th, there were rally classes with Loteki Ima Cupcake, a.k.a. Chloe made her debut. She won the class  a perfect score over 17-18 dogs.  Way to go Chloe!

Judge with Keith's shoes on!
Nicholas won Utility B with a 198 and a 199.5 in Open.  We had a run off for first with my coach Betsy Scapicchio and her golden, both dogs, made no mistakes with Betsy's golden winning the run off. 

The judge arrived and found that his shoes which were new, made a loud noise when he walked on our flooring.   He ended up wearing Keith's sneakers and when we did stays Jeffrey ran away from his spot--something he's never doen and he's 9 1/2 and went to sniff his "dad's" shoes on this weird guy--the judge.  Everyone was laughing.  I had two students finish their UD's and another got a 198 in Novice and a Novice A won both her classes this weekend.  Nicholas went High Combined with a 397.5 out of 400--his best high Combined score yet. 

The weekend of February 19th and 20th, Nicholas won 5 more OTCH points.  He let out and excited whine on the gloves which madecost him first in Utility.  He was sliding all over the place.  He was worse in Open and went skidding a couple of feet every time he did anything.  He was so excited and cute! 

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