Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Papillon National 2009

We arrived home, Monday, May 26th, from after being gone for 6 days to the Papillon Club of America National Specialty that was held in Fort Mitchell, KY. The week flew by! There was so much to do, people to visit with, seminars, and then there was actually bathing, grooming and showing dogs!
Marlene Edgerton and I left on Tuesday shortly after noon and arrived at the Drawbridge Inn about 9:30 p.m. (EDT). We had a lot to unload and get situated. Erin Buie and her mother, Sandra Anderson, were already there and checked into our room. I can say that the dogs all travelled marvelously, even those that had not been away before! We were fortunate that friends saved us a nice spot in the shade on the grass for our expen!

Wednesday was obedience and rally, so trophies had to be set up. The rosettes that were ordered had to be put out. It was discovered that several rosettes and ribbons were missing, so off to the business center to order via email what we had determined was missing. It was discovered later that more ribbons were missing, along with other rosettes, so another trip to the business center. Later in the day, a party poolside was enjoyed by a large group of people, we enjoyed a lot of laughs, good food and drink.
Thursday dawned with another trip to the ballroom to set up trophies early on. Sweepstakes judging was to start at 1:00 p.m., giving plenty of time to bath dogs in the morning. My entries were my Asia (Loteki In The Heat Of The Moment) in the 9-12 puppy bitch class and Bikini, CH Loteki Beach Party, entered in the 11 and over Veteran Bitch. Asia was 2nd in her large class as was Bikini. It was fun watching all the puppies and their owners!
Thursday evening was the awards banquet with some of the very best food I have had at these functions! Prime Rib, bbq ribs and fried chicken! YUM!
Friday, early morning up and off to set up the trophy table for the day's judge of dogs. I had one dog entry in the BBE class, which allowed me to bath him on Friday morning as judging did not start until 9:00 a.m., a very civilized time! Regal (Loteki Inherit The Wind) made the final cut, despite the fact that he became less than responsive in the ring. I was disappointed to say the least, as I thought him a contender this year. Immediately after the class, I took him out to potty. He immediately pooped! I believe this was the reason for his unresponsive attitude....timing is everything!
Friday afternoon, Angela Booth and I gave a short seminar on being a successful owner-handler. It seemed to be well received. The room was filled to capacity! I think there is a real call for more seminars like this.
Saturday was my anticipated marathon day, with 5 bitches to show. Asia was first up and won 2nd in a very large 9-12 month class. Paris (Loteki The Heiress) made the 1st cut of in the BBE class. She showed very well. The next class was the American-Bred, in which, Brooke, *Loteki The Natural Touch', was entered. This was Brooke's first show and she did me proud by winning the class of 9! The Open Bitch Erect Ear class was next. Loteki Im Royalty, a.k.a. Phoebe, was entered here and again this was her first show. She made a couple cuts and showed well. The final class of the day was the Veteran's bitch class, Bikini was the oldest of the veterans entered by over two years to the next oldest. She put on quite a show and won 1st place! I was so thrilled I burst in to tears. Many of the crowd have watched Bikini over the years and they too had tears in their eyes, but what a shock to see the judge, Mr. Kent Delaney, also tear up! What a thrill! Bikini retired the Coquina challenge trophy with her third win in four years!
Sunday dawned sunny and warm. I made my way to the ballroom to set up the final group of trophies and rosettes for the days activities. My two entries in the Best of Breed competition were bathed and ready to go. Bikini's win on Saturday added her to those that had to have handlers for their ring appearance. CH Loteki For The Good Of Mankind made it to the final group, although he did not get an award. I was thrilled to make it to this level in the judging. Nelson showed well and moved beautifully. He is not yet two and has been shown sparingly. I am so happy to have him go home with me! My second entry was Rachel, CH Loteki Ima Heiress. She made a cut or two, showing very well. Bikini was taken back in to the ring by my dear friend, Joann Paulino, who did a marvelous job of showing my girl in Best of Breed.
Bikini went on to win Best Veteran which was very nice. My brace, Rachel & Phoebe, were fourth in a class of 9 with two absentees. They did very well considering we did not practice a great deal.
All in all it was a successful show, a fun week filled with many good friends! This was my 30th National specialty in 31 years, quite a number of memories!

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