Friday, May 29, 2009

More from the National

Cheryl Geer wrote, "No titles but they did bring home some ribbons. We just competed one day at the Teacup trial, because we had two more days after that of agility at the PCA trial plus rally/obedience. Since both boys have Advanced/Master's level titles in AKC agility, I "fast-tracked" them at the Clermont County Teacup trial. If you do that, you can move up levels with each Q. You don't get any placements thought while you are fast-tracking. I wanted to get them both into Superior level Standard and Games 3, the highest level. Once they get those titles, they can start working on their TACH (Teacup Agility Champion). Each of them ran 4 times, 2 Standard runs and 2 Games runs. Felix qualified in every run. So, he now has one Teacup Superior Standard leg (and 3rd place for that). Jackson qualified in 3 out of 4 runs, missing one weave pole in his second Standard run. So, for their next Teacup trial (in July, I think), they will both be in the top levels, Superior Standard and Games 3. So, mission accomplished there! If Jackson could have gotten placements, he would have placed 1st in each run. At the PCA agility trials, Felix only ran Jumpers. He was clean both days but one second over time on Monday. On Tuesday, he qualified and earned his 9th MJP3 leg (He only needs one more Q to earn that title so it could come this weekend). He got 3rd place Tuesday on his qualifying run. Jackson qualified both days in Jumpers, earning a few points. In Standard, on Monday, the teeter came up on him a bit fast and he got on it and then jumped off. No Q. Otherwise, clean. On Tuesday, he did a beautiful teeter and then popped out of the weave poles at pole 11. So, no double Q's. Felix qualified in both Excellent B and Advanced B at the rally trial. That was his 5th RAE leg. So, now both Jackson and Felix have 5 legs towards their RAE titles.

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