Thursday, October 29, 2009

A weekend with the family

After getting through yet another bout of pneunomia, (now I have the 5 year vaccination!) the 2nd week in October, it was great to have Danielle and the kids came over to spend the weekend. We had a wonderful weekend hanging out together. We grilled hamburgers on Friday night. Saturday, we had a great family breakfast of homemade ham, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches.

Adam and Trinity played outside. The dogs were thrilled to see them! They helped me with outside work, while I did some errands, upon returning, we went to Stephanie and Clay's house and hung out for the rest of the morning and afternoon. Clay took Adam and Trinity to the park for a couple hours while Sophia was taking her nap. They also took Lucy, everyone had a great time. We had a great lunch, and then had pizza altogether for supper. It was so nice!

Sunday we had another breakfast of homemade egg sandwiches, did some work, and then everyone went to the pumpkin farm! The kids crawled on the hay bales, we walked throught he corn maze, and everyone picked out pumpkins to take home! We had a great time!

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