Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Teacup Agility

Cheryl Geer and her boys attended the Teacup Agility trial in Portland, Tennessee, this past weekend. Felix had a great weekend! He ran all of his 7 runs, cleanly and qualified 6 of 7! The 7th run he was a bit too slow, but the sun came out. It just was a bit too hot for Felix! He earned 3 Standard legs towards his TAM and earned 3 Games legs towards his TMAG. He placed in 5 out of 6 of his runs. He now has 6 Standard legs and 5 Games legs. Felix absolutely loved running outside in the cool weather! He was faster than he normally is and VERY happy. He was bouncing around after his runs, so proud of himself. His times were a good 10 seconds under what he normally runs. He just loves running on grass in cool overcast conditions!
Unfortunately, Jackson had injured himself, so only a Standard Q and a Games Q for the weekend. He will getting lots of rest, so he will be ready when we have agility trials in the area!
WAY TO GO!!! Congratulations to Felix, Jackson and Cheryl!

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