Thursday, July 30, 2009

MACH Loteki Incognito At Astra - ANOTHER TITLE!

Ann Jackson (NY) wrote - "Nito finished another AKC title a couple of weeks ago - Open FAST (OF). This was a tough one for him, as it required him to work at a distance. He is a very sensible dog; we lost several legs when I tried to send him away and he started in the correct direction and then looked at me and said "If you really wanted me to do that, you would come with me. I know how this is supposed to work."Another complication was that after my first run of a 4-day weekend, I fell and broke my wrist. I'd like to say it happened while I was running him (which would at least make me a middle-aged athlete), but actually I slipped while walking between rings, so I guess I'm just a middle-aged klutz. But I splinted my arm with a shim and some Vet-Wrap and only missed 2 runs, when I had to go get it put in a cast. So he finished his OF despite the various weird contraptions on my arm.I had hoped to be able to announce another title; Nito is very close to his CPE agility championship (C-ATCH), but he was tempted by a tunnel last weekend, so we still need 1 more qualifying score. The C-ATCH is not as hard to earn as a MACH, but it's still a nice title to have; you need 10 qualifying scores in the standard class and 5 legs in each of 6 games classes. Nito has been very consistent and we hope to have that last leg soon!"

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