Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Weekend Trip to Cape Cod

Monique Johannet (MA) wrote about the Memorial Day trip to Cape Cod with CH Loteki Ima Natural. This was Gizelle's first trip to the ocean.
Moniqure wrote, "Just wanted to let you know that little miss Ima Natural is Ima Natural Beach Girl... We took her to the Cape last wkend, brought her down to the beach, and she was off to explore this intriguing new environment. It took her a while to catch on that there was a vast and impressive body of water nearby, but no problem - when she noticed, she waded in up to her armpits, waves and all. I mean, I'm talking about the Atlantic Ocean. I'm glad she didn't go any further!
She also found the fiddler crabs that Eliza had loved to harrass (poor things; just when they thought it was safe to come back out, there's another papillon on the beach) and had a wonderful time trying to figure them out - might be better than squirrels!
Most endearing moment: there's a tidal "river" that drains out of a marsh as the tide goes out (more like a stream; it's only an inch or two deep). One day Gizelle went in, put her nose under, and came out with a shell in her mouth that she dropped at my feet. I'm going to try to drill a hole in it and make her a little shell necklace!"

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