Sunday, October 16, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Lots of news to report for the past several weeks, I cannot believe how my days disappear and I have still a list of things to do! I'm need to work back from mid-September to present.

From September 25, Jeannine Rash (PA) wrote "Nicholas won Utility B with a 198.5 and HIT. He got 20 OTCH points!!

September 30 was a doubly bad day for news as I had an email concerning, Loteki Totally Windswept, a.k.a. Felicia, had passed away on the way home from the vet.  It was not expected and truly a sad for Jill and Steve, who have provided Felicia with a wonderful life in her retirement. 

I received a second email that CH Loteki Her Royal Highness had passed away also.  Kristin Meyer gave Xena a fabulous life.  I know there is a huge hole in your heart.  Both of these lovely ladies were so very special.  Felicia sweet as the day is long.  Xena lived up to her name in such a way and a fabulous show dog, with multiple group placements.  They just do not live long enough for us!
On October 1st, Jeannine Rash wrote that Nicholas (OTCh CH Loteki I'ma Firecracker UDX) won yet another Utility B class and a second in Open for High Combined. 
Amy Nesselrodt (PA) wrote that daughter, Molly (12) and Flyer (Loteki High Flyer, NA NAJ NAP NJP OJP) completed their Open Standard Preferred title in the rain and the muck at the Wine Country circuit in Finger Lakes, NY over the first weekend in October.  Molly and Pippin are quite a team!  Congratulations!

Mary Waller (MN) wrote Gunny (Loteki Just Blew Into Town, UD) had a good weekend in Utility.  Gunny earned a 197 for 3rd place 197.5 for 1st in Open B at the Total Recall training facility in Hugo, MN.

Cheryl Brown was excited to report that CH Loteki The Winds Of Change got his first grand champion points at the Saturday Murfeesboro KC show - FOUR POINTS!  She is very excited!

Nashville Dog Training Club agility trial on October 9,  Jackson did Q in JWW.  The star was Mr. Fee!  Fee stretched out and ran and was 3 full seconds under his coursetime. Fee is now Loteki Total Windfall RAE MXP MJP4

I went to the Chihuahua National in Hoffman Estates, IL (a suburb of Chicago) over the weekend.  I enjoyed myself immensely.  Gordita did well winning second in her sweeps and her regular class. 

CH Style
Finally, I went to shows this past weekend in Mason City with positive results.  Saturday, Chanceux On My Word was WB for a point.  CH Loteki For The Good Of Mankind, a.k.a. Nelson, won the Select for another point towards his grand championship title.  Sunday, WB/BOW was Loteki It's A Good Hair Day to FINISH!!!  YEA!  Champion number two for Nelson out of his first litter.  She is the third champion for her dam, CH Loteki The Wind In My Hair.  Nelson was Select again on Sunday for yet another point towards his grand.  It was a beautiful day although a bit windy, the sun shined both days.  What a lovely fall we are having.

I hope I did not forget anything.  I shouldn't let things go so long! 

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