Friday, May 13, 2011

CH Loteki As Good As It Gets

CH Loteki As Good As It Gets


May 18, 1998 - May 13, 2011

 The dreaded Friday, the 13th.....

When I went to bring the dogs in before work, Lena was sitting in the middle of the patio with her head up and her mouth slightly open. My heart cracked into a million pieces with just one look. I knew where this was going in my head, but my heart did not want to acquiesce to my head. She had been fine last night, she ate her supper, she demanded her time on the couch, and she jumped on it and snuggled in to watch a movie. In a desperate attempt my heart kept saying there has to be something to do to make her comfortable, to help her breath, to make her feel like her ole head knew it wasn't so.

Lena is gone now. Her place on the bed is now empty.

Lena is one of the three "Goodie girls". She and her littermates were the last litter of CH Loteki By Good Fortune. What a fabulous threesome they were. They turned heads at Papillon events. Each one of them was a beauty, each one of them was a wonderful dog in their own right, but THREE in the same litter, that was incredible! All finishing their championships with multiple BOBs over specials and two 5-point majors on the way to their titles.

Lena was a gentle soul.  She had a regal air about her.  Her outline and poise were outstanding.  She was one of those dogs you just love.  She made you because she was a dear dog.  Her name says it all, she lived up to her name without hesitation or pause in all aspects, she was 'as good as it gets'.

Lena was one CH short of her Dam of Distinction award. Three of her sons, all by different sires, make up the beautiful tri trio on the red velvet couch that has been the inspiration for so many individuals and graces several of my ads and my web site. It is a simply smashingly beautiful trio. Thankfully, I have her children and grandchildren, thankfully, I was graced with her for just short of 13 years.

 Lena moved into the role of matriarch very easily. She came from a long line of queens of the household. I am going to miss her demanding bark, letting us know she was done with her dinner and she wanted to come sit on the couch - NOW! How I will miss her snuggling up right next to me in bed or on the couch, oh how, she loved to be close.

 We love you, Lena. We love you.

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