Wednesday, December 16, 2009

TDAA Results

On December 5th, Cheryl Geer and her two boys, Felix and Jackson attended Teacup Agility Trials with some very good results!

They came home with lots of Q's but no first places. Jackson qualified in all 4 of his runs and got two 2nd places in Games and two 3rd places in Standard. Jackson ran fast though and was very happy. He kept on barking/talking to people he didn't know. I do believe he was introducing himself. :) With all of those Q's, he is now only 1 Q away from finishing his Master Games title--TMAG.

Felix ran really well too and did everything I asked him to do. He qualified in both of his Standard runs and in one of his Games runs. In the other Games run, he missed qualifying by 1 jump/2 points. He was just one jump too slow to make enough points in the allotted time. Felix is now also very close to finishing a title. If he qualifies in both of his Standard runs again tomorrow, he will have his Master Standard title--TAM.

All in all, it was a very good day! Seven out of 8 Q's on Saturday-very good!!

On December 6th, they had another very good day with two new titles! Jackson went 3 for 3 runs and earned his TMAG title. He got 2nd place for all three runs. TMAG title for Jackson and he now has 7 legs towards his TAM. He was a very good boy and put in some of his fastest times ever in TDAA.

Felix had a terrific day also succeeding 3 for 3 today too and earned his TAM title. Way to go! A successful weekend at the TDAA trials, they now are formally Loteki Civil Liberties TSAD TMAG (Jackson) and Loteki Total Windfall TAM TG3 (Felix) in TDAA.

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