Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Cheryl Geer had a fabulous weekend at the teacup agility trials!

Saturday, Felix and Jackson were entered in all three Standard runs and one game each. "Jackson qualified in all three Standard runs, earning his TSAD and two legs towards TACH with one 1st place! He also qualified in his Games runs. 4 for 4 for Mr. Jacks! They awarded this beautiful foot-long beautiful purple and white rosette for High in Trial each day for each level. Jackson won the Saturday Superior HIT!!! He had 1 First place, 2 Second places, and 1 Third place. No missed weaves! No mistakes.

"Sunday, we had glitches on the two Standard runs. I wasn't paying enough attention and let him jump off the table on his Stand. He would have WON that class! Dang! On the other standard run, he ran past the up contact on the dog walk. Again, he would have WON that class. He qualified in both of the Games I entered him in on Sunday though with 2nd places. So, he now has 2 Standard legs and 5 Games legs towards his TACH with one 1st place in Standard and one 1st place in Games. He was a really good boy!

"Felix qualified in Gamblers on Saturday and finished his TG3 title! Amazing. I had to stay behind a containment line and send him over a jump to an A-frame and to another jump. He did it! The other possible gambles were too hard for him. This was the easiest but involved his nemesis--the A-frame!!! He only qualified in Standard once in three runs on Saturday. He refused the A-frame on one and he refused the dog walk and teeter on another.

"Sunday, he qualified and got 3rd place in one of the games--Dare to Double or Triple. The weaves were the tripling obstacle and it is something that Felix does very well. He also qualified in the 5th and final Standard run of the weekend and got 1st place! Jackson had the best time but he had missed the up contact of the dog walk. Felix was the only Q and got 1st! Sometimes slow and steady does win the race! So, he finished the weekend with his TG3 title, 2 Standard legs towards his TAM and one leg towards his TMAG."

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