Monday, March 9, 2009

NEW UD TITLE and more weekend news

Great news from Dorie Madsen and Colby this past weekend! Colby earned his third leg for his UD! YIPPEEE! Way to go, Colby, now LOTEKI PLAYING WITH FIRE UD!!!
This is a video of the two of them - with Colby's Utility on the second page.
I had some great luck in Columbia, Missouri, this past Saturday and Sunday. My Loteki Ima Heiress, a.k.a. Rachel, was WB/BOW/BOS under judge Norman Patton for four points, on Saturday. On Sunday, Loteki Inherit the Wind (a.k.a. Regal) won the dog points. Rachel won the bitch points, unfortunately the 5 point major in dogs was broken down to only 2 points! What a disappointment, but that's dog shows! Rachel just needs a major to finish. This was Regal's first points, but I am certain they won't be his last, now that he is semi-leash trained!
We received 2-3 inches of rain here at home overnight on Saturday! More flooding, but let's hope nothing like last June!

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