Thursday, January 29, 2009

Everyone needs to take a vacation, so instead of picking a spot that one could relax and enjoy the scenery, I spent 8 days at Mercy Hospital in Iowa City with pneumonia/asthma complications.
Thankfully I had some great friends that moved to my rescue. Meg Peifer (IL) came over and helped out for almost three days.
Erin Buie (MN) drove down and helped Terry out with the care of the dogs. She had fun with the gang. I think Erin especially loved playing with the 7 week old puppies! They keep you on your toes!

Then Marlene Edgerton drove up from Leavenworth and stayed 4 days, even after I was released from the hospital She was an immense help with the dogs, who love Marlene and her husband, Dan, so much. They were so happy with Marlene here.

The weather had been bitter cold with plenty of snow. Everyone was grumpy and on edge just dealing with the weather. The dogs are always more noisy with this weather as they are not able to get the exercise that they are use to. Some how when Marlene arrived her calming influence did the trick!

I, also, had some lovely surprises delivered - first of all the most gorgeous fruit, nut, cheese, cookies, and cracker basket from my wonderful friend, Meg Suga and Squeak in Japan. It was perfect!

The next was a box delivered by the USPS with chocolates, butterfly note paper, napkins, grocery list, wonderful chai tea, actually several different types of teas, and little thin ginger cookies. This was my papichatter friends - what a wonderful assortment of treasures.
I cannot thank my friends enough for their help, their thoughtful presents, as well as their good wishes, and most of all the help they offered while I was out of commission!

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